317. The Song of Songs, which is Solomon's: Chap. VIII

1 O that thou as my brother wert,
Who suckt my mother's breast,
I would thee find without and kiss,
Yet none should me disgrace.
2 I'd lead thee to my mother's house
Where skill me would me show,
Spice wine of my pomegranates juice
I'd make thee drink also.

3 His left hand underneath my head,
His right should me embrace.
4 O daughters of Jerusalem,
I charge you till he please
Not to stir up, nor to awake
My well beloved one.
5 But who is this leans on her love,
That doth from desart come?

There where thy mother thee conceiv'd,
Under the apple tree;
Where she thee bear who brought thee forth
I there up-raised thee.
6 Me as a seal set on thy heart,
As on thine arm a seal:
For love is strong as death, as grave
Relentless is its zeal.

The coals thereof are coals of fire,
Most ardent is its flame.
7 Much waters cannot quench this love,
Nor can floods drown the same ;
If all the substance of his house
A man would give for love,
It ne'rtheless would utterly
A price contemned prove.

8 A little sister dear we have
And yet no breasts hath she:
What shall we for our sister do,
When ask'd for she shall be.
9 A silver tow'r we'll on her build,
If as a wail she be;
If as a door, then her inclose
With cedar boards will we.

10 I'm as a wall, like unto tow'rs
My breasts they are likewise;
Like unto one that favour found
Then was I in his eyes.
11 At Baal-hamon Solomon
A vineyard had and he
The vineyard hired out to them
That vineyard keepers be.

Each one a thousand silverlings
Was for its fruit to pay;
12 The vineyard that is mine, before
My presence is alway.
Thy part O Solomon unto
A thousand doth arise:
Those who do keep the fruit thereof,
Two hundred have likewise.

13 O thou that in the garden dwell'st
They that companions are,
Unto thy voice attending be:
Cause thou me it to hear.
14 Make haste, and be thou like a roe
My well beloved one;
Or be thou like a fawn of harts
The mounts of spices on.

Text Information
First Line: O that thou as my brother wert
Title: The Song of Songs, which is Solomon's: Chap. VIII
Publication Date: 1742
Scripture: Song of Solomon 8
Language: English
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