SSI. Let him with kisses of his mouth

The Church:

2 Let Him with kisses of his mouth
be pleased me to kiss:
For better than the choicest wine
thy lovingkindness is.
3 Thy name as ointment poured out:
for that most fragrant smell
Of thy choice ointment therefore do
the virgins love thee well.

4 O draw Thou me and readily
we will run after Thee;
Into his secret chambers hath
the King conducted me.
We will be glad, and will in Thee
exceedingly delight;
Thy love remember more than wine
love Thee do the upright.

5 O daughters of Jerusalem!
I'm black; and yet you own
I'm comely as Kedar tents
and beds of Solomon.
6 Because I blackish am, therefore
upon me look not ye;
Because the sun with scorching beams,
has looked fierce on me.

My mother's sons displeas'd with me,
vineyards did me assign
to keep: whereas I scarce could keep
the vineyard singly mine.
7 Tell me Thou whom my soul doth love,
where Thou thy seed dost take;
And where at noon-time Thou thy flock
to rest doth kindly make.

For wherefore should I be as one,
who vailed, turns away
From thy companions and their flocks
and sadly goes astray?


8 Most fair of women, know'st thou not?
then by the flock-steps go:
Till to the shepherd's tents you come:
and feed thy kids there too.
9 To troops in Pharaoh's chariots I
will Thee my love compare.
10 Thy neck with chains; with rows of gems
thy comely cheeks appear.

11 [Yet that thou mayst be comelier still,
and as becoming mine,]
We'll make thee ornaments of gold,
with silver spangles shine

The Church:

12 While the King at his table sits
My spikenard-ointment sends
And spreads its fragrance all around,
to please Him and his friends.
13 As a fresh bunch of fragrant myrrh,
is my belov'd to me;
Which constantly between my breasts,
shall my companion be.


14 As a ripe camphire-cluster in
Engedi's vineyard grown;
So my beloved is to me
a perfect lovley one.
15 Lo fair, my Love, lo fair art Thou!
thine eyes as doves eyes are:
16 Lo fair transcendently Thou art,
and sweet s Thou art fair!

Our bed of rest is richly green,
most grateful to the eyes:
17 Our houses beams of cedars are,
of firr our galleries.

Text Information
First Line: Let him with kisses of his mouth
Publication Date: 1758
Scripture: Song of Solomon 1
Language: English
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