Carols of Hope: a compilation of select sacred songs for use in Sunday schools, praise and young people's services

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Editor: Clarence M. Seamans, Frederick S. Stanton, Francis A. Blackmer
Publisher: Advent Christian Publication Society, Boston, Mass., 1906
Denomination: Advent Christian Church
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
3While traveling throughPage Scan
4Leaving all to follow JesusPage Scan
5Underneath the bannerPage Scan
6We praise thee, O LordPage Scan
7Under his wings I am safely abidingPage Scan
8Who will work for JesusPage Scan
9Blessed Jesus, smile upon usPage Scan
10O while the moments lingerPage Scan
11Where, oh! where do the birdies live?Page Scan
12To the busy SaviorPage Scan
13Oft they break the midnightPage Scan
14O Lord, the King of gloryPage Scan
15Jesus lives, and Jesus leads, though the wayPage Scan
16Go ye into all the worldPage Scan
17Teach us to pray, O God, our KingPage Scan
18In this world of sadnessPage Scan
19God gave me a little lightPage Scan
20Out through the darknessPage Scan
21There's a wideness in God's mercyPage Scan
22Glory, glory God almighty, Thou of heavenPage Scan
23A world in awful darkness layPage Scan
24Jesus, King of gloryPage Scan
25I would be a little pilgrimPage Scan
26Have you ever heard the story of that far off sun bright climePage Scan
27Come to Jesus come awayPage Scan
28O the promise, blessed promisePage Scan
29Suffer the children to come unto mePage Scan
30Praises ring, shoutPage Scan
31In the vineyard of our fatherPage Scan
32Rejoice, ye sons of menPage Scan
33The Bible our guidePage Scan
34O happy, happy Children's DayPage Scan
35Go, labor on, spend and be spentPage Scan
36No time for the SaviorPage Scan
37In the straight and narrow, help me walkPage Scan
38If we scatter sunbeamsPage Scan
39On the Rock of ages foundedPage Scan
40The King and the kingdomPage Scan
41Swing back for one moment, fair portalsPage Scan
42There'll be no nightPage Scan
43Only a step to Jesus Page Scan
44My life was darkened once by sinPage Scan
45Jesus, the Savior, from NazarethPage Scan
46My soul is full of singingPage Scan
47We must thank our FatherPage Scan
48Cheerily onward we're marchingPage Scan
49Uplift the banner, let it float skyward and seawardPage Scan
50I am resting, sweetly restingPage Scan
51Jesus Christ is passing byPage Scan
52Go call ye the childrenPage Scan
53Praise ye the Father, for his loving kindnessPage Scan
54Who are those pilgrimsPage Scan
55Jesus Savior, Love divinePage Scan
56See the little flowersPage Scan
57Come, Holy SpiritPage Scan
58We are little sunbeamsPage Scan
59Hushed was the evening hymnPage Scan
60The mothers brought their childrenPage Scan
61Not far away it liethPage Scan
62Darkness lies on GalileePage Scan
63When Jesus comes on earthPage Scan
64When the day of daysPage Scan
65I think, when I read that [the] sweet story of oldPage Scan
66Pilgrims in a hostile landPage Scan
67Beneath the cross of Jesus I fain would take my standPage Scan
68Little builders now are wePage Scan
69Look to Jesus trust no otherPage Scan
70'Tis the crafty little foxesPage Scan
71Jesus loves usPage Scan
72While here on the earth as a pilgrimPage Scan
73Not wailing cries nor bellsPage Scan
74There are mansions full of gloryPage Scan
75I know I am willingPage Scan
76Jesus my Savior, my RockPage Scan
77Father, again in Jesus' name we meetPage Scan
78The Master is callingPage Scan
79Coming of Jesus, preciously nearPage Scan
80Lo our King is surely comingPage Scan
81The old year diesPage Scan
82We're looking for JesusPage Scan
83There's beauty in the sunshinePage Scan
84Hark, I hear ten thousand voices singPage Scan
85A sower went weepingPage Scan
86O sing the sweet, sweet story of JesusPage Scan
87Jesus is my tender ShepherdPage Scan
88Go forward in the name of JesusPage Scan
89Poor and needy though I bePage Scan
90In the realms of lightPage Scan
91He shall carry the lambsPage Scan
92Soon shall our SaviorPage Scan
93There is no one so friendlessPage Scan
94Star of the morning, beautiful, brightPage Scan
95Thy word is like a garden, LordPage Scan
96I will bless the Lord forevermorePage Scan
97The faithful of the ages pastPage Scan
98What wilt thou have me doPage Scan
99Sing on, sing on, ye childrenPage Scan
100With our lips God gavePage Scan
101Savior, like a shepherd lead usPage Scan
102Once more we greet each otherPage Scan

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