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Anglican Book Centre
Common Praise (1998)
Anglican Church of Canada
The Hymn Book of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada
Annie W. Blackwell
The Missionary Call
Anson D. F. Randolph
A Handy Book of Old and Familiar Hymns
Christ in Song
Church Melodies: collection of psalms and hymns, with appropriate music. For the use of congregations.
Hymns and Songs for Social and Sabbath Worship
Hymns for the Church on Earth: being three hundred and sixty-six hymns and spiritual songs. (For the most part of modern date.) (New Ed.)
Hymns from the Land of Luther, Translated from the German
Lullaby! Heart songs for Baby and Mama
Songs of Praise: a selection of standard hymns and tunes for the Sunday-shcools and social meetings
Songs of the Spirit
Spiritual Songs for a Month. 1st Am. from the 6th Eng. ed.
Spiritual Songs, Being One Hyndred Hymns Not to be Found in the Hymn Books Commonly Used. New Am. from the Enl. English ed.
The Children's Church
The Church Hymn Book
The Mother's Hymn Book. (Third stereotyped ed. Rev. and enl.)
Anson D. F. Randolph & Company
Hymns of the Ages for Public and Social Worship
Anson D.F. Randolph
Pearls for prayer meetings: and for protracted and revival meetings, and also adapted for family and public worship ...
Heart to heart: hymns by the author of "The Old, old story."
Way side hymns: selected from various authors
Anvil Pub. Co.
Gospel Bells
Apollo Press by Joseph Belknap
Sacred Poetry: consisting of psalms and hymns, adapted to Christian devotion, in public and private, selected from the best authors, with variations and additions
Apostolic Christian Pub. Co.
The Apostolic Christian Hymnal, a Collection of Translations of Hymns ... in the "Zions Harfe"
Argraphwyd gan Ira Merrell
Pigion o Hymnau
Armstrong & Berry
A Selection of Hymns for the Use of Social Religious Meetings and for Private Devotions. 7th ed.
Revival Hymns. 8th ed.
Armstrong & Plaskitt
Social and Campmeeting Songs For the Pious (4th ed.)
Armstrong and Plaskitt
Social and Camp-meeting Songs, for the Pious (9th ed. enl.)
Hymnal Companion to the Prayer Book: with accompanying tunes
Arrowood Brothers
A Choice Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of the Baptist Church and all lovers of song
Arthur P. Schmidt
Child Land in Sunday School
Artway Printing Co.
German Sunday School Songs ... for the Beachy Amish of Lancaster County, PA.
Asa Hull
Chiming Voices
Garlands of Praise: a choice collection of original and selected hymns and tunes suitable for Sunday-Schools, Bible classes and the home circle
Grove Songs No. 2
Happy Greetings, a Collection of Choice Original Hymns and Tunes
Songs of the Golden: a collection of original and selected songs for the Sunday school and young people's meeting
Temperance Rallying Songs: consisting of a large variety of solos, quartettes, and choruses, suited to every phase of the great temperance reformation
The Casket of Sunday School Melodies, Complete. Compiled from Caskets Nos.1 and 2 with Several Additional Pieces
The Devotional Chimes: a choice collection of new and standard hymns and tunes, adapted to all occasions of social worship, family devotions, and congregational singing
The Jewelled Crown
The Pilgrim's Harp
Asbury College
Treasured Hymns of the Radio Devotional League
Ashbel Stoddard
Hymns of Praise, Sung by the Youth of the Evangelical Lutheran Zion's Congregation of Loonenburg ... Albany, N.Y.
Psalms and Hymns, for Social and Private Worship
Ashbel Stoddard (Printer)
New Hymns and Spiritual songs, on different subjects, to be sung by all the holy brethren, and all that love the Lord
Asher & Charles Miner (printer)
Divine Hymns or Spiritual Songs, for the use of religious assemblies and private Christians: being a collection
Asociacion Adventistas del Septimo Dia
Cantos Infantiles para La Escuela Sabatica
Asociación Publicadora Interamericana
Himnario Adventista : para uso en el culto divino

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