Tunes with refrains for "Alas! and did my Savior bleed?"

Lots of hymnals have Hudson's "At the Cross" version of "Alas! and did my Savior bleed?" But there are a few other refrains for this hymn out there (I see two of them, but not the one I'm looking for info on, in the database).

The two I see are those beginning "Thanks to the Lamb" (here)—for which I would like to know the tune—and the Southern Harmony's Remember Me (Remember, Lord…).

The one I'm really looking for, though, doesn't seem to be in the database. It goes "He loves me, he loves me, he loves me this I know. He gave himself to die for me, because he loves me so!" It is found on pp. 32-33 of the United Methodist Native American worship supplement Voices. The tune is apparently used for a Choctaw hymn beginning "Ne-tahk ish-tah-e-yo-pik-muh-no", though it doesn't scan quite right. Voices says only "MUSIC: Anon."

I don't see a way to search for specific first lines of refrains. Am I missing something?


Searching for refrain first lines

You can search for refrain first lines, as well as titles in the "Text Name" box. If you put quotes around your search it will find the phrase rather than the separate words. Then in select result type choose "Hymn" and it will list the hymnal instances of this refrain.

Thanks, Dianne

That worked. So there are 78 instances of the "He loves me" refrain, but only one (a Westminster Press publication from 1905) has a page scan, and all it gives in the way of authorship info is "Isaac Watts" for the author and "Arranged" for the composer. The oldest instances are three from 1898: one a Dunkers hymnal, one from Showalter's company, and one from another company in Indiana. I'm guessing it may have come out of a revival or campmeeting in Illinois or Indiana, and the author/composer may be lost to view. If anyone has contrary information, I'd appreciate it.

It's on youtube:

It's on youtube:

If at home, I could lay hands on a book containing it. I thought it was in CCEH...apparently not.

Thanks, hutcheson

Still no info on the origins of this version, though.

Looking through my

Looking through my great-grandfather's hymnals, I found it in a 1900 Nashville publication (Showalter, IIRC) labelled "Arranged for this book".

I remember it from more recent books, with a different text ("Why did my Savior heaven leave/and come to earth below") but the same refrain. The editors in this tradition didn't pay much attention to thorough attributions.

Yeah, it's one of those tunes + refrains

like "Blessed be the name" as arranged by Hudson and Kirkpatrick that can be used for practically any CM text. Just not as well known or widely applied.

Another refrain for Alas! and did my Savior bleed?

I've also seen it done to the tune of and with the refrain from Oh! How I Love Jesus.
I actually like it quite a bit that way. They go well together.

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