Episcopal Hymnal Added

Check out the recently-added 1982 Hymnal of the Episcopal Church which contains over a thousand hymns on forty-one different topics.


1982 Hymnal

Bravo to jpr5 for getting the 1982 Hymnal online. This has been a dream of mine for more than a decade. Blessings on your work! Peter Irvine

Broken Link

The link didn't work for me. Just letting you know.

Episcopal 1982 tunes

I need to hear the tune of hymn 430 1982 episcopal hymn book

Try this

Go to this page and scroll down to the Media section, where you will find

Adobe Acrobat image: Full Score
Compressed XML score: Full Score
MIDI file: MIDI Preview(Faith Alive Christian Resources)
Sibelius score: Full Score (view in Scorch)
XML score: Full Score

Now, these are listed under a hymn in the Psalter Hymnal that uses the same tune; so I suppose the arrangement may not be quite the same as the Episcopal instance. But if you just want to hear in a general way what that tune (SONNE DER GERECHTIGKEIT) sounds like, those MIDIs should suffice.


You might also try

this YouTube organ rendition of it according to the Lutheran Hymnal (*which* Lutheran Hymnal deponent avereth not).

Now, what I can't figure out is why when I search for "Sonne der Gerechtigkeit" at YouTube, and then select the above-linked video entitled "At The Lamb's High Feast - Sonne Der Gerechtigkeit Hymn Tune ", a large percentage of the suggestions in the right sidebar are not this tune at all, but various mason-bashing messages ("Freemasons the most evil cult in the world*banned on TV*", "Barak Obama's a free mason ", etc.)...


Looking forward to using it.

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