Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology

You know you're a true hymn geek if the mention of John Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology quickens your heart. Well, true hymn geeks, you may need to sit down for this: Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology is online! The whole book has been scanned and uploaded to the Hymnary's sister site, CCEL. Right now, you can only browse the pages scans. To make this valuable information searchable, we need volunteers to edit the text. Once it is fully proofed and available as a CCEL book, we'll need volunteers to match Julian information with the appropriate Hymnary entries. Please contact us if you'd like to help.


I saw it in progress at PGDP some time ago

You might want to try to avoid duplicating work by checking out the status at Distributed Proofreaders at pgdp.net. Unless the scans here are from a different edition...but even then most of DP's work could probably be used.


Is this ripe for processing?

I wondered about that. The DP scans are from CCEL, and I had assumed the plan was for the text version to come back to CCEL at the end. And DP has done an incredible (literally) amount of proofing, so there's no comparison between the OCR'ed text and what's coming out of the third DP Proofing pass.

Anything that has finished F2 could be PP'ed to ThML, which would be the best place to start on this. Unfortunately, the book seems to be bogged in F2.

I'd like to see (maybe wrapped around each article. Then an (automatically-generated) list of articles, with some human scanning the list and marking each article as a 'hymn', 'tune', 'person', or 'other'. From there, it should be pretty easy to automatically build the databases for the Hymnary.

I hope it's needless to say I'll be interested in helping this along.


Yes, we are hoping to make a ThML book out of Julian when the proofing is done at DP. Volunteers have been proofing and adding articles from Julian to author, text, and tune pages in parallel -- but if some parts of Julian are ready to be added in a more systematic way from the DP version, that would obviously be much better.

Is that something you would be willing to look into?


Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director

correcting person pages

I was about to begin working on person webpages to correct typos and expand abbreviations as I had seen done when I read this thread. Now I'm thinking maybe I should wait for DP to finish their work and let most of the work be done automatically. As I had been giving this some thought, I realized that I'm not sure how much "changing" I should do...such as in the Peter Abelard person webpage page, the name Heloise has an "umlaut i" in the original and a previous worker here might possibly have made an intentional modification to a "regular i".


Re Julian Dict. of Hymnology articles used in person pages

Is there an agreed upon format for these? If the abbreviations should be expanded, should they perhaps be done inside a "title" tag with the expansion showing up on mouseover? That way the displayed info could still match the actual text cited.


PS. Looks like mouseovers may not work here. How about using "cite" tags then, which won't work until the Dictionary is finished, right? or the citation could point to the page image perhaps, until the text is finished. Hmm. Just thinking out loud about things I hadn't worked with in a while. Please excuse any ramblings and nonsense that may be contained in this post. I humbly apologize. KJ

expanded abbreviations

Probably putting them in square brackets would be most appropriate because I believe that is the way to show text added by editor.


Dictionary of Hymnology/Distributed Proofreaders

Last month I downloaded the most recent concatenated text from Distributed Proofreaders and am working on some scripts to get the info into a more usable form for the Hymnary automatically so that the computer can do most of the work. :)


PS. The info should be complete but the formatting is not yet. I think two-thirds of the DP formatting has been through one of two formatting rounds and is probably workable now, given the apparent long wait in the final formatting round. KJ


Upon further investigation, I've found that 24 of 26 pages done by the second-round of formatters changed what the first round had done, so I guess the first round didn't do as well as I had thought. So, if the text is wanted sooner, then proofers here will have to make more changes.


reference citing

Might I suggest that when a reference is cited, that it use the proper title and year of publication in parentheses such as, in this instance, A Dictionary of Hymnology (1907) to distinguish it from the 1892 First Edition? Perhaps a bibliographic page on this site could be used to store more complete information on the book which could include, from the text in this book, "Second Revised Edition with New Supplement" and that it was "Edited by John Julian, D.D.", and maybe even part of the Preface that states "...the few errors in names and dates which were discovered in the text have been corrected and a certain amount of new matter has been added." If there is an Errata page in this edition, perhaps those could be incorporated into the electronic version and noted somewhere (or not). Finally, I would also like to suggest that the articles have the author's name at the end, which I've seen here, but at least one article by Julian has his name in the citation with the book source info. Developing a standard would surely enhance the presentation of info on this wonderful site.


citing sources


Yes, I agree. Every entry should be cited properly, with the title and date provided at the very least. All full texts of the hymns given in authority records are also to have a citation, so that we know which hymnal is being used as the source of the full text of a hymn.

I will take note of your suggestion and see if we can incorporate something to this effect in the future.


Yeh i also noticed that

Yeh i also noticed that Every entry should be cited properly, with the title and date provided at the very least. All full texts of the hymns given in authority records are also to have a citation, so that we know which hymnal is being used as the source of the full text of a hymn.


Julian's Dictionary of

Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology is very useful.i use it always!thanks for offer it online

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