Q re tunes for instances with no tune mentioned

Is it better to add the tune for an instance of a known hymn even though the hymn instance itself doesn't name it? For example, I am entering hymns from the Billy Graham crusade songbook and entered ASSURANCE as the name of the hymn tune for "Blessed Assurance," even though the songbook makes no mention of the tune title.


No -- instance records should match the book, not correct it

No -- just go with what is in the book itself. That's the whole point of the "instance" entry: to show exactly what is and isn't in the volume at hand. The "authority" record will have broader information, such as the tune or tunes to which the text has been put.

Peter Rehwaldt

Not entering the tune name

Not entering the tune name would make it more challenging to search which hymns in which hymnals use a particular tune though, wouldn't it? Even if the hymn doesn't name the tune it uses, it's still using it. It seems more useful to "name that tune" even if the hymnal didn't name the tunes it is using for its hymns. This would seem to fall into the same category as the guidance that we identify the correct key for the hymn instance even if the key signature is inaccurate. (Clearly this is something I feel strongly about!)

not entering the tune name

The tune should still be connected to the authority (ASSURANCE) even if the tune name in the instance is different ([Blessed Assurance]). You should still be able to search a tune name and find that in some hymnals the name is ASSURANCE, in some hymnals there isn't a name, and in some hymnals it is called something else. The tunes that are the same should all be collocated under an authority.

not entering the tune name

OK, I think I understand - the tune name field is followed by an asterisk, however, implying that it is required. Is there a standard notation used by hymnary.org when the tune instance doesn't print a name, such as [unnamed]?

standard tune notation for tunes without names

Yes, if there if the hymnal does not give a tune name the first line of the text is put in brackets, as in [Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine].

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