proofreading page

Is there a certain page view that includes the essential information for proofreading, that is, numbers, first lines, authorities, authors, and tunes? It would be most helpful if we could proofread and correct all that information at once and then move on to the next page, without flipping back and forth. If not, is it best to do this using an Excel spreadsheet, then send the xls file to staff for uploading? Peter


Page Spreadsheet

Like the Page Spreadsheet? It seems to have a column for everything on a hymn page except for the category/topic that some hymnals have.


Proofing page

The edit hymn text / hymn tune pages have everything. Just click "edit" on the text or tune and you can proof and correct in one step.

The spreadsheet method also works, with the caveat about not using this method for hymnals that have topical or scripture reference indexes or media files, for now.

Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director

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