Joseph Barnby

Joseph Barnby
Short Name: Joseph Barnby
Full Name: Barnby, Joseph, 1838-1896
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1896 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Joseph Barnby (15)sort iconAsInstances
Behold a Sower! from afarJoseph Barnby (Author)1
Draw near and take the body of your LordSir Joseph Barnby (Author)1
Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord, And drink the holy blood for you outpouredJoseph Barnby (Author)25
Draw nigh and take the body of your Lord (Barnby)Joseph Barnby (Author)3
For all the Saints, who from their labor restJoseph Barnby (Author)2
Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peaceJoseph Barnby (Author)1
Light of light, enlighten meJoseph Barnby (Author)1
Lord of the strong, when earth you trodJoseph Barnby (Author)1
My Master was a workerJoseph Barnby (Author)1
O God, whose love is over allJoseph Barnby (Author)1
O how shall I receive TheeSir Joseph Barnby (Author)1
O perfect Love, all human thought transcendingJoseph Barnby (Author)2
O Stranger, with no place to layJoseph Barnby (Author)1
Spirit of God, descend upon my heartJoseph Barnby (Author)1
There is a book who runs may readJoseph Barnby (Author)1

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