Mary S. Edgar

Short Name: Mary S. Edgar
Full Name: Edgar, Mary S., 1889-1973
Birth Year: 1889
Death Year: 1973

Mary Susannah Edgar was a Canadian author born in Sundridge, Ontario on May 23, 1889. Her schooling took her from Sundridge to Barrie High School and Havergal College, Toronto. She is the author of several books, one-act plays and hymns, the most famous of them being "God Who Touchest Earth with Beauty," which has been translated into several languages and placed in hymnals around the world.

She was the daughter of Joseph Edgar and Mary Little, from Sundridge, Ontario. In 1922 she opened a girls' camp near Sundridge on Lake Bernard, called Glen Bernard. Mary Edgar continued as the camp's director until her retirement in 1956.

Her life was devoted to working with girls and camping through many local, provincial and national organizations. She was the author of many books, plays and hymns - One such hymn is "O God of All the Many Lands".

Mary S. Edgar died on September 17, 1973.

Texts by Mary S. Edgar (9)sort iconAsInstances
Ere this day at camp be doneMary S. Edgar (Author)2
Every girl has a quest to makeMary S. Edgar (Author)2
God of the nations of the earthMary S. Edgar (Author)3
God, who touchest earth with beautyMary S. Edgar, 1889- (Author)62
Now we unite to pledge a new allegianceMary S. Edgar (Author)2
O Dieu, toi qui ornes la terreMary S. Edgar (Author)2
O God of all the many landsMary Susannah Edgar, 1889-1973 (Author)6
Tudo belo, รณ Deus, criasteMary Susanne Edgar (Author)2
We thank thee, Father, for thy careMary S. Edgar (Author)2