Carlis Saunders Grogan

Short Name: Carlis Saunders Grogan
Full Name: Grogan, Carlis Saunders, 1913-?
Birth Year: 1913
Death Year (est.): 2013

Grogan, Carlis Saunders. (Eden, North Carolina, June 2, 1913--?). Church of God. Graduate of Lee College. Served for many years as chairman of the Music Selection Committee for Tennessee Music and Printing. Pastorates include: Rocky Mount, N.C.; Princeton, N.C.; Morgantown, N.C. Most popular songs include "Like a mighty army," "Tell me more about Jesus," and "I need no mansion."

--Bob J. Neil, DNAH Archives

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As we march along the straight and narrow wayC. S. Grogan (Author)3
Far out on life's ocean I drifted one dayC. S. Grogan (Author)2
For every bitter tear I shedC. S. Grogan (Author)3
For my eternal homeC. S. Grogan (Author)2
God of all ages, my RockC. S. Grogan (Author)2
I am going to my happy home aboveC. S. Grogan (Author)2
I traveled a lonesome roadC. S. Grogan (Author)2
If I could count my blessingsC. S. Grogan (Author)2
In this world I've had my strugglesC. S. Grogan (Author)2
I've never lived in a stately mansionC. S. Grogan (Author)2
Jesus came knocking, knocking at my doorC. S. Grogan (Author)2
Jesus now is pleadingC. S. Grogan (Author)2
Jesus said to his disciples, you must not troubledC. S. Grogan (Author)2
Let Jesus rule in every heartC. S. Grogan (Author)2
Like a mighty army Moves the church of GodC. S. Grogan (Author)2
Like a tramp without a homeC. S. Grogan (Author)2
O my friend, I want to tell youC. S. Grogan (Author)2
Since I let Jesus come into my lifeC. S. Grogan (Author)2
Things that once I counted mineC. S. Grogan (Author)2
When burdens come so hard to bearC. S. Grogan (Author)6
When I come to the banks of the riverC. S. Grogan (Author)2
When I'm tempted Lord to strayC. S. Grogan (Author)2
When my faith is growing weakC. S. Grogan (Author)2