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Christmas Piano SATB
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Ring the joy of the season with this medley of traditional and contemporary favorites, masterfully arranged by Tom Fettke. It opens with a bell-like fanfare and the choir quietly singing the Ukrainian…
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This lovely communion anthem is one of gratitude for Jesus' sacrifice for us. Through all the evidences of God in our life, through nature, and through our trials, we remember our Lord and how he offe…
Handbells Moderately Easy
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The familiar Irish melody, supported by embracing and insightful harmony, will gently enfold all who hear it. Set in E-flat major with an uplifting modulation to A-flat, the work poses no great techni…
Organ Piano
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Voicing: Org 2-staff & Pno
Piano SATB
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Weaving together texts from psalmody and hymnody and incorporating the musical forces of handbells, keyboard and choir, Lloyd Larson captures the heart-felt devotion and straight-forward simplicity of…
French Horn Piano Trombone Trumpet
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From festive to sublime, this collection of Christmas favorites has been artistically arranged to provide fresh settings of beloved melodies that will be welcome additions to Christmas brass repertoir…
Christmas SATB
Shipped by Lorenz Publishing
This work's mysterious original melody will speak to the listener of a still desert night-even as its masterfully crafted choral parts and fresh setting of the famous text convince the musician of its…
Shipped by Lorenz Publishing
3octaves- Eight unique settings of general-use hymn tunes are included in the latest volume of this highly successful series. Although gratifyingly effective, each setting ensures minimal rehearsal ti…