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Looking for a score of WYE VALLEY just now, I found it listed amongst James Mountain's tunes, as I knew I would. But for some reason, it is first in an otherwise alphabetical list. Why? And is there some way an editor can unintentionally cause this sort of misordering of data? (Hence, a way also one can avoid this?)


[Edited to correct tune name. For some reason this morning I keep typing WYE MOUNTAIN.]


It is sorted by the alternative name for the tune, ALL IS WELL

The Ethereal Hymnary is the only one of the instances I've seen that uses that tune name (ALL IS WELL). Why does it take priority over the dozens of hymnals that call it WYE VALLEY? ALL IS WELL should be reserved for the shape note tune used for "Come, come, ye saints" IMO. Why is the system set up to allow one nonstandard-usage instance to override 50 or so standard ones?

This is on our list of problems to fix, but it may take awhile.