LXIV. Lord, hear the Voice of my Complaint

1 Lord, hear the Voice of my Complaint;
to my Request give Ear;
Preserve my Life from cruel Foes,
and free my Soul from Fear.
2 O! hide me with thy tend'rest Care
in some secure Retreat,
From Sinners that against me rise;
and all their Plots defeat.

3 See how, intent to work my Harm,
they whet their Tongues like Swords;
And bend their Bows to shoot their Darts,
sharp Lyes, and bitter Words.
4 Lurking in private, at the Just
they take their secret Aim;
And suddenly at him they shoot,
quite void of Fear and Shame.

5 To carry on their ill Designs
they mutually agree;
They speak of laying private Snares,
and think that none shall see.
6 With utmost Diligence and Care
their wicked Plots they lay:
The deep Designs of all their Hearts
are only to betray.

7 But God, to Anger justly mov'd,
His dreadful Bow shall bend,
And on his flying Arrow's Point
shall swift Destruction send.
8 Those Slanders which their Mouths did vent,
upon themselves shall fall;
Their Crimes disclos'd shall make them be
despis'd and shunn'd by all.

9 The World shall then God's Pow'r confess;
and Nations trembling stand;
Convinc'd that 'tis the mighty Work
of his avenging Hand:
10 Whilst righteous Men, by God secure'd,
in Him shall gladly trust;
And all the list'ning Earth shall hear
loud Triumphs of the Just.

Text Information
First Line: Lord, hear the Voice of my Complaint
Language: English
Publication Date: 1760
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