PXVIII. To the chief Musician. A Psalm of David, the servant of the Lord; who spake unto the Lord the words of this Song, in the day that the Lord delivered him from all his Enemies, and from the hand of Saul.

1 I'll dearly love thee, Lord, my strength.
2 The Lord's my rock, my fort likewise
And Saviour mine, my God, my strength,
My shield on whom my trust relies,
My safety's horn, my tow'r likewise.
3 Upon Jehovah I will call
Who to be praised worthy is;
So from my foes be sav'd I shall.

4 Death's sorrows me encompassed,
And floods of Belial frighted me.
5 Hell's pangs me round environed;
The snares of death prevented me.
6 In my straits on the Lord call'd I,
And to my God cry'd; he did hear
My voice from's temple, and my cry
Before him came into his ear.

7 Then th'earth did shake and quake, likewise,
Mov'd hills foundations shook at's ire.
8 Smoak from his nostrils did arise
And from his mouth devouring fire,
By it the coals enkindled were.
9 Likewise the heavens he down bow'd
And he descended; also there
Was at his feet a gloomy cloud.

10 And he on cherubs rode apace,
Yea on the wings of wind he flew.
11 He darkness made his secret place
His covert round about him drew,
Dark waters, and thick clouds of skies.
12 From brightness that before him was
His thickned clouds did pass likewise
Hail-stones and coals of fire did pass.


13 Jehovah thundered forth also,
Within the heavens in his ire,
The highest caus'd his voice to go
Hail-stones and burning coals of fire,
14 Yea he his arrows did send out,
And bruising he them scattered:
And lightnings he did hurl about,
And them with dread discomfited.

14 The channels where the waters past
Were seen, the ground-works of the world
Appear'd at thy rebuke, at blast
Of thy displeasure's breath, O Lord.
16 He from above sent, he me set
The waters great he drew me for;
17 From my strong foes, me free he set
From them that hated me also.

For they were mightier than I.
18 They me prevented in the day
Of that my dark calamity.
Yet was the Lord for me a stay.
19 And he led me a large place to,
He sav'd me, for he did delight
10 In me. The Lord repay'd me so,
According as I did aright.

After the pureness of my hands
He gave a recompence to me.
21 Because I kept the Lord's commands,
Nor I from God went wickedly.
22 Fro judgements all were in my sight:
Nor from me his decrees put I:
23 And I before him was upright,
Me kept from mine iniquity.


24 Therefore the Lord rewarded me
According as I did aright;
After mine hands integrity,
That did appear before his sight.
24 With persons merciful that are
Thou merciful thy self wilt show;
Thou upright wilt thy self declare
With such as upright are also.

26 With such as hollow purity,
That thou art pure thou wilt declare;
For thou wilt turn thy self away
Against them all that froward are.
27 Because thou safety wilt afford
To poor folk; but high looks suppress.
28 But thou wilt light my lamp, the Lord
My God will lighten my darkness,

29 For through a troop by thee i ride;
And by my God leap'd o'er a wall.
30 God's way intire, the Lord's word try'd;
That trust in him he's shield to all.
31 For who is God the Lord but he?
Or who a rock our God besides?
32 It's God with strength that girdeth me
And me in perfect way doth guide.

33 He makes my feet like as a roe,
And on my high place makes me stand!
34 Mine arms do break the brazen bow;
So well to war he learns my hand.
35 And of thy saving health the shield
thou hast bestowed upon me;
And thy right hand hath me upheld,
Thy meekness made me great to be.

36 Thou under me my steps mad'st large
So that my ankles did not slide.
37 My foes pursued, and o'er charge
I turn'd not till they were destroy'd.
38 I pierc'd them that they could not rise,
They at my feet did fall subdu'd.
39 Fro thou hast girded me likewise
Unto the war with fortitude.

Thou hast subdued under me
Those that did up against me rise,
40 My foes their necks thou gavest me
That I might waste mine enemies.
41 They cry'd; but none to save thy find:
To God, but with no answer meet.
42 I beat them then as dust i'th' wind,
And cast them out as dust i'th' street.

43 And thou hast me delivered
From people that contentious be:
Thou of the heathen mad'st me head,
The folk I knew not, shall serve me.
44 They'll at first hearing me obey;
Themselves shall strangers yield to me.
45 The strangers sons shall fade away,
And from their closets frighted be.


46 Give Lord, and let my rock be blest:
God of my health exalted be.
47 God that for me revenge express'd,
And brings down people under me.
48 He sav'd me from mine enemies;
And thou didst lift me higher than
Those that did up against me rise;
And freed me from the violent man.

49 I will therefore to thee confess
With thanks the heathen folk among,
Jehovah to thy name express
My praises will in a song.
50 He giveth great salvation
Unto his king; and doth display
His mercy to's anointed one,
To David and his seed for aye.

Text Information
First Line: I'll dearly love thee, Lord, my strength
Title: To the chief Musician. A Psalm of David, the servant of the Lord; who spake unto the Lord the words of this Song, in the day that the Lord delivered him from all his Enemies, and from the hand of Saul.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1742
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