194. Nae pyŏngsaeng sowŏn (This Is My One, My Lifelong Wish)

1 Nae pyŏngsaeng sowŏn ikotppun
chuŭiil hadaga,
isesang ibyŏl ha nŭnnal
chape karida.

2 Bulgattun shiryon manuna
kŏpnaeji mapshida.
Kujuŭi kwŏnnŭng kŭshini
igigo namkennae.

3 Kŭmboda kwihan midŭmŭna
ch'am bobae toedoda.
I julli mitnŭn saramdŭl
da bogŭl gatkennae.

4 Salgach'i pparŭn kwangŭmŭl
chwihae akki se
onmongwa mamŭl ba ch'igo
him ssŏsŏ ilhase.

1 This is my one, my life-long wish:
that I should serve the Lord,
that the day I depart this world,
I"ll see God face to face.

2 Though we face many fiery trials,
let us not be afraid;
for with the power of Jesus Christ,
we'll overcome them all.

3 More precious yet that gold is faith,
treasure that lasts for life;
all who believe this truth are blest,
finding abundant joy.

4 Time like an arrow swiftly files;
let's use our time for him.
With all our hearts and minds and strength,
let's labor for our Lord.

Text Information
First Line: Nae pyŏngsaeng sowŏn ikotppun (This is my one, my life-long with)
Title: Nae pyŏngsaeng sowŏn (This Is My One, My Lifelong Wish)
Korean Title: Nae pyŏngsaeng sowŏn
Author: Anonymous
Paraphraser: Marion Kim
Publication Date: 2008
Topic: Afflictions/Trials; Enemies and Persecution
Language: English
Tune Information
Name: SO-WON
Composer: Un-yung La
Source: Korea
Copyright: © Samba-Lichaan, The Asian School of Music, Worship and the Arts

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