1 I Love the Lord, because the voice
of my pray'r heard hath he;
I'll ever call on him, because
he bowed his ear to me.

2 E'en when the snares of cruel death
about beset me round,
When pains of hell me caught, and when
I woe and sorrow found;

3 Upon the Name of God the Lord
then did I call and say,
Deliver thou my soul, O Lord,
I do thee humbly pray.

4 The Lord is very merciful,
and just he is also,
And in our God compassion doth
most plentifully flow.

5 The Lord in safety doth preserve
all those that simple be;
I was in woeful misery,
and he delivered me.

6 And now, my soul, since thou art safe
return unto thy rest,
For largely unto thee the Lord
his bounty hath expressed.

7 Because thou hast delivered
my soul from deadly thrall,
My moistened eyes from mournful tears,
my sliding feet from fall;

8 Before the Lord I in the land
of life will walk therefore;
I did believe, therefore I spake,
but I was troubled sore.

The Second Part.

9 I said in my distress and fear,
That all men liars be
What shall I pay the Lord for all
his benefits to me?

10 The wholesome cup of saving health
I thankfully will take,
And on the Name of God will call,
when I my pray'rs do make.

11 I to the Lord will pay my vows
with joy and great delight,
Now at this very present time
in all his people's sight.

12 Right dear and precious in his sight
he always doth esteem
The death of all his holy ones,
whatever men do deem.

13 Thy servant, Lord, thy servant, 1o,
I do myself confess,
Son of thy handmaid, thou hast broke
the bonds of my distress.

14 Therefore I'll offer up to thee
a sacrifice of praise;
And I will call upon the Name
of God the Lord always.

15 I to the Lord will pay my vows
with joy and great delight,
Now at this very present time
in all his people's sight:

16 Yea, in the courts of God's own house,
and in the midst of thee,
O thou Jerusalem. Therefore
the Lord our God praise ye.

Text Information
First Line: I Love the Lord because the voice
Title: Psalm CXVI
Author: N.
Publication Date: 1812
Language: English
Tune Information
(No tune information)

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