Text:Noli æmulari
Author:W. W.

18. Noli æmulari

1 Grudge not to see the wicked men,
in wealth to flourish still:
Nor yet envy such as to ill,
have bent and set their will.
2 For as the greene grasse and flourishing herbes,
are cut and wither away:
So shall their great prosperity
soone passe, fade and decay.

3 Trust thou therefore in God alone,
to do well give thy mind:
So shalt thou have the land as thine,
and there sure food shalt find.
4 In God set all thy heart's delight,
and look what thou wouldst have,
Or else canst wish in all the world,
thou needst it not to crave.

5 Cast both thy selfe and thine affaires.
on God with perfect trust:
And thou shalt see with patience,
the effect both sure and just.
6 Thy perfect life and godly name,
he will cleare as the light:
So that the Sun, even at noone daies,
shall not shine halfe so bright.

7 Be still therefore, and steadfastly
on God see thou wait then:
Not shrinking for the prosperous state
of lewd and wicked men.
8 Shake off despight, envy and hate,
at least in any wise:
Their wicked works avoid and flie
and follow not their guise.

9 For every wicked man will God
destroy both more and lesse:
But such as trust in him are sure
the land for to possesse.
10 Watch but a while, and thou shalt see
no more the wicked traine:
No not so much as house or place
where once he did remaine.

The second Part

11 But mercifull and humble men
enjoy shall sea and land:
In rest and peace they shall rejoyce,
for nought shall them withstand.
12 The lewd men and malicious,
against the just conspire:
They gnash their teeth at him as men
who do his bane desire.

13 But while the lewd men thus do think,
the Lord laughs them to scorne:
For why, he sees the terme approach,
when they shall sigh and mourne.
14 The wicked have their sword out-drawn,
their bow eke have they bent:
To overthrow and kill the poore,
as they the right way went.

15 But the same sword shall pierce their heart,
which was to kill the just:
Likewise the bow shall break to shivers
wherein they put their trust.
16 Doubtlesse the just man's poore estate
is better a greate deale more:
Than all these lewd and wicked mens
rich pompe and heaped store.

17 For be their power never so strong,
God will it overthrow:
Where contrary he doth preserve
the humble man and low.
18 He sees by his great providence,
the good mens trade and way:
And will give them inheritance,
which never shall decay.

19 They shall not be discouraged,
when some are hard bestead:
When others shall be hunger-bit,
they shall be clad and fed.
20 For whosoever wicked is,
and enemy to the Lord:
Shall auaile, yea melt even as lambs grease
or smoke that flies abroad.

The third Part:

21 Behold, the wicked borrowes much,
and mever paies againe:
Whereas the just by liberall gifts,
makes many glad and faine.
22 For they whom God doth blesse shall have
the land for heritage.
And they whom he doth curse likewise
shall perish in his rage.

23 The Lord the just mans waies doth guide,
and gives him good successe:
To every thing he takes in hand
he sendeth good addresse.
24 Though he doth fall yet he is sure
not utterly to guaile:
Because the Lord puts out his hand,
at need and doth not faile.

25 I have been young, but now am old
yet did I never see:
The just man left nor yet his seed,
go beg for misery.
26 He gives alwaies most liberally,
and lends whereas is need:
His children and posterity
receive of God their meed.

27 Flie vice therefore and wickednessw,
and vertue do embrace:
So shall God grant thee long to have
on earth a dwelling place.
28 For God so loveth equity,
and shewes to his such grace:
That he preserveth them alway:
but stroyes the wicked race.

29 Whereas the good and godly men
inherit shall the land:
Having as Lords all things therein
in their own power and hand.
30 The just mans mouth doth ever speake
of matters wise and hie:
His tongue doth talke to edifie,
with truth and equity.

31 For in his heart the law of God
his Lord doth still abode:
So that wherever he goes or walks,
his foot can never slide.
32 The wicked like a ravening wolfe,
the just man doth beset:
By all means seeking him to kill,
if he fall in his net.

The fourth Part

33 Though he should fall into his hands,
yet God would succour send:
Though men against him sentence give,
God would him yet defend.
34 Wait thou on God and keep his way,
he shall preserve thee then
The earth to rule, and thou shalt see
destroid these wicked men.

35 The wicked have I seen most strong,
and plac'd in high degree:
Flourishing in all wealth and store,
as doth the Lawrell tree.
36 But suddenly he past away,
and lo he quite was gone:
Then I him sought, but could not find
the place where dwelt such one.

37 Mark and behold the perfect man,
how God doth him increase:
For the just man shall have at length
great joy with rest and peace.
38 As for transgressors, wo to them,
Destroid they all shall be:
God will cut off their budding race
and rich posterity.

39 But the salvation of the just
doth come from God above:
Who in their trouble sends them aid
of his meere grace and love.
40 God doth them help, save and deliver
from lewd men and unjust:
And still will save them whilst that they
in him do put their trust.

Text Information
First Line: Grudge not to see the wicked men
Title: Noli æmulari
Author: W. W.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Notes: Sing this as Psalm 35
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