Text:Jubilate Deo
Author:T. S.

34a. Jubilate Deo

1 Ye men on earth in God rejoyce,
with praise set forth his Name:
Extoll his might with heart and voice,
give glory to the same.
2 How wonderfull O Lord say ye,
in all thy works thou art?
Thy foes for feare shall seek to thee,
full sore against their heart.

3 All men that dwell ye earth throughout
shall praise the Name of God:
The laud thereof the world about
is shewed and set abroad.
4 All folk come forth, behold and see
what things the Lord hath wrought:
Mark well the wondrous works that he
for men to passe hath brought.

5 He laid the sea like heaps on high,
therein a way they had:
On foot to passe both faire and drie,
whereof their hearts were glad.
6 His might doth rule the world alway,
his eyes all things behold:
And such as will him disobey,
by him shall be controld.

7 Ye people give unto our God,
due laud and thanks alwaies:
With joyfull voice declare abroad,
and sing unto his praise.
8 Which doth endue our soul with life,
and it preserve withal:
He stayes our feet, so that no strife
can make us slip or fall.

9 The Lord doth prove our deeds with fire,
if that they will abide:
As workmen do when they desire
to have their mettals tride.
10 Although thou suffer us so long
in prison to be cast:
And there with chaines and fetters strong
to lie in bondage fast.

The second Part:

11 Although (I say) thou suffer men
on us to ride and raigne:
Though we through fire and water run
with very griefe and paine.
12 Yet sure thou dost of thy good grace
dispose it to the best:
And bring us out into a place
to live in wealth and rest.

13 Unto thy house resort will I
to offer and to pray:
And there I will my selfe apply
my vowes to thee to pay.
14 The vowes that with my mouth I spake
in all my griefe and smart:
The vowes I say which I did make
in dolour of my heart.

15 Burnt offerings I will give to thee
of Oxen fat and Rams:
Yea this my sacrifice shall be
Of Bullocks, Goats, and :ambs.
16 Come forth and hearken here full soone,
all ye that feare the Lord:
What he for my poore soule hath done
to you I will record.

17 Full oft I call to mind his grace,
this mouth to him doth cry:
And thou, my tongue, make speed apace,
to praise him by and by.
18 But if I feele my heart within
in wicked works rejoyce:
Or if I have delight in sinne,
God will not heare my voice.

19 But surely God my voice hath heard,
and what I do require:
My prayer he doth well regard,
and granteth my desire.
20 All praise to him that hath not put,
nor cast me out of mind:
Nor yet his mercy from me shut,
which I do ever find.

Text Information
First Line: Ye men on earth in God rejoyce
Title: Jubilate Deo
Author: T. S.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Notes: Sing this as Psalm 68
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