55a. Dominus regnavit

1 The Lord doth raign, whereat the earth
may joy with pleasant voice:
And eke the Isles with joyfull mirth
may triumph and rejoyce.
2 Both clouds and darknesse eke do swell
and round about him beate:
Yea right and justice ever dwell
and bide about his seat.

3 Yea fire and heat it once do run,
and go before his face:
Which shall his foes and enemies burn
abroad in every place.
4 His lightnings eke full bright did blaze
and to the world appeare:
Whereat the earth did look and gaze,
with dread and deadly feare.

5 The hils like waxe did melt in sight
and presence of the Lord:
They fled before that Rulers might,
which guideth all the world.
6 The heavens eke declare and show
his justice all abroad:
That all the world may see and know
the glory of our God.

7 Confusion sure shall come to such
as worship idols vaine:
And eke to those that glory much,
dumbe pictures to maintaine.
8 For all the idols of the world
which they their gods do call:
Shall feel the power of the Lord,
and down to him shall fall.

9 With joy shall Sion heare this thing,
and Judah shall rejoyce;
For at thy judgements they shall sing,
and make a pleasant noise.
10 That thou O Lord art set on high
in all the earth abroad:
And art exalted wondrously
above each other god.

11 All ye that feare the Lord do this,
hate all things that are ill:
For he doth save the soules of his
from such as would them spill.
12 And light doth spring up to the just,
with pleasure for his part:
Great joy with gladnesse, mirht, and lust,
to them of upright heart.

13 Ye righteous in the Lord rejoyce,
his holiness proclaime:
Be thankfull eke with heart and voice,
be mindfull of the same.

Text Information
First Line: The Lord doth raign, wherat the earth
Title: Dominus regnavit
Author: J. H.
Publication Date: 1640
Language: English
Notes: Sing this as Psalm 77
Tune Information
(No tune information)

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