Text:Confitemini Dom.

60. Confitemini Dom.

1 Give praises unto God the Lord,
and call upon his Name:
Among the people all declare
his works to spread his fame.
2 Sing ye unto the Lord I say,
and sing unto his praise:
And talk of all his wondrous works
that he hath wrought alwaies.

3 In honour of his holy Name
rejoyce with one accord:
And let the heart also rejoyce
of them that seek the Lord.
4 Seek ye the Lord, and seek the strength
of his eternall might:
And seek his face continually,
and presence of his sight.

5 The wondrous works which he hath done
keep still in mindfull heart:
Ne let the judgements of his mouth
out of your mind depart.
6 Ye that of faithfull Abraham
his servant are the seed:
Ye his elect the children that
of Jacob do proceed.

7 For he, he onely is I say,
the mighty Lord our God:
And his most rightfull judgements are
through all the world abroad.
8 His promise and his covenant
which he hath made to his,
He hath remembered evermore,
to thousands of degrees.

The second Part:

9 The covenant which he hath made
with Abraham long ago:
And faithfull oath which he hath sworne
to Isaac also.
10 And did confirme the same for law,
that Jacob should obeL,
And for eternall covenant
to Israel for aye.

11 When this he said, lo I to you
all Canaan land will give:
The lot of your inheritance,
wherein your seed shall live.
12 Although their number at that time
did very small appeare:
Yea very small, and in the land
they then but strangers were.

13 While yet they walked from land to land
without a sure abode:
And while from sundry kingdomes they
did wander all abroad.
14 And wrong at no oppressors hand
he suffered them to take:
But even great and mighty Kings
reproved for their sake.

15 And thus he said: Touch ye not those
that mine annointed be:
Nor do the Prophets any harm
that do pertain to me.
16 He cal'd a dearth upon the land,
of bread stroid the store:
But he against the time of need
did send a man before.

The third Part.

17 Even Joseph which had once been sold
to live a slave in wo:
Whose feet they hurt in stocks, whose soul
the iron pierc'd also
18 Untill the time came, when his cause
was known apparently:
The mighty word of God the Lord
his faultlesse truth did trie.

19 The King sent and delivered him
from prison where he was:
20 The ruler of the people then
did freely let him passe.
21 And over all his house he made
him lord, to beare the sway:
And of his substance made him have
the rule and all the stay.

22 That he might to his will instruct
the Princes of the land:
And wisdomes lore his ancieth men
might cause to understand.
23 Then into the Egyptian land
came Israel also:
And Jacob in the land of Ham
did live a stranger tho.

24 His people he exceedingly
in numbers made to flow,
And over all their enemies,
in strength he made them grow.
25 Whose heart he turn'd, that they with hate
his people did intreat:
And did his servants wrongfully
abuse with base deceit.

The fourth Part.

26 His faithfull servant Moses then,
and Aaron whom he chose,
He did command to go to them,
his message to disclose.
27 His wonderful and mighty signes
among them they did show:
And wonders in the land of Ham
then did they work also.

28 Darknesse he sent, and made it dark
in stead of brighter day:
And unot his commision,
they did not disobey.

29 He turn'd their waters into blood,
he did their fishes slay:
30 Their land brought frogs even in the place
where their King Pharaoh lay.

31 He spake, and at his voice there came
great swarms of noisome flies,
And all the quarters of their land
were fil'd with crawling lice.
32 He gave them cold and stony haile
instead of milder raine:
And fiery flames within their land
he sent unto their paine.

33 He smote their vines and all their trees
whereon the figs did grow:
And all the trees within their coasts
downe did he overthrow.
34 He spake, then Caterpillars did
and Grasshoppers abound:
35 Which ate the grasse in all their land,
and fruit of all their ground.

The fifth Part.

36 The first-begotten in their land,
eke deadly he did smite:
Yea the beginning and first fruit
of all their force and might:
37 With gold and silver he them brought
from Egypt land to passe:
And in the number of their Tribes
no feeble one there was.

38 Egypt was glad and joyfull then
when they did thence depart:
For terrour and the feare of them
was faln upon their heart:
39 To shroud them from the parching heat
a cloud he did display:
And fire he sent to give them light,
when night had hid the day.

40 They asked, and he caused Quailes
to raine at their request:
And fully with the bread of heaven
their hunger he represt.
41 He opened the stony rock,
and waters gushed out:
And in the dry and parched ground
like rivers ran about.

42 For of his holy covenant
aye mindfull was he tho:
Which to his servant Abraham
he plighted long ago.
43 He brought his people forth with mirth,
and his elect with joy,
Out of the cruell land where they
had liv'd in great annoy.

44 And of the heathen men he gave
to them the fruitfull lands:
The labours of the people eke
they take into their hands.
45 That they his holy statutes might
observe for evermore:
And faithfully obey his lawes:
praise ye the Lord therefore.

Text Information
First Line: Give praises unto God the Lord
Title: Confitemini Dom.
Author: N.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Notes: Sing this as Psalm 101
Tune Information
(No tune information)

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