Bright Beautiful Bells: a collection of songs for Sunday schools, gospel meetings, revivals, young people's meetings, and all other religious and musical endeavor

Editor: B. B. Beall
Publisher: B. B. Beal & Co., Birmingham, Ala./ Buchanan, Ga., 1900
Language: English
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1List to the bells, bright, beautiful bellsPage Scan
2Beautiful voices of angelsPage Scan
3Hark! Hear the sweet words your Father is sayingPage Scan
4Brighter home! Heav'nly home!Page Scan
5When Christ was born in BethlehemPage Scan
6Three in One, and One in ThreePage Scan
7What we need in this world is Jesus!Page Scan
8God is love; His mercy brightensPage Scan
9I think of Thee, dear SaviorPage Scan
10Let us follow Jesus in the narrow wayPage Scan
11Out on a desert all barren and coldPage Scan
12Send the message into all the worldPage Scan
13No clouds up there! be trustful!Page Scan
14What can be whiter than beautiful snowPage Scan
15No place can be desert when Jesus is therePage Scan
16Beautiful brow so pure and whitePage Scan
17Christian, gird the armor onPage Scan
18A little lamb one afternoonPage Scan
19I have been with Jesus, blessed be His name!Page Scan
20I'm glad that Jesus was my FriendPage Scan
21Jesus saved all who willingly take HimPage Scan
22Sweetly sing the love of JesusPage Scan
23God is coming! God is coming! shout aloud the glad refrainPage Scan
24Faithful to Jesus O may I be foundPage Scan
25Happy in Jesus the whole day thro'Page Scan
26There's a fountain purePage Scan
27Lord, send me work to do for TheePage Scan
28Marching, marching 'neath the flagPage Scan
29Away, far away past the shadows of nightPage Scan
30In a Savior's love we now can rejoicePage Scan
31Dear friend, you are wand'ring in sorrow's dark wayPage Scan
32Now, poor guilty, weeping sinnerPage Scan
33I am weary, heavy ladenPage Scan
34There's a beautiful home far beyond the starry skyPage Scan
35From danger and doubt, from sorrow and fearPage Scan
36When I think of the love of my SaviorPage Scan
37There's a pure and holy clime where all the saints shall restPage Scan
38Praises to God the FatherPage Scan
39Have you heard what joys they sharePage Scan
40Out of the depths, oh Lord, my God!Page Scan
41Rejoice, rejoice, the Lord is King!Page Scan
42All the burdens and the cares I daily meetPage Scan
43There's a refuge in time of all troublePage Scan
44The banner of song is floating alongPage Scan
45The Father has made a great feast at His mansiionPage Scan
46There is a land, a lovely landPage Scan
47As we journey mid the shadowsPage Scan
48I once was full of guilt and sinPage Scan
49Once far from God I wander'dPage Scan
50I'll sing of my Savior's dying lovePage Scan
51He trieth the righteous, as Daniel of oldPage Scan
52My Shepherd is the LordPage Scan
53Our Savior once left His bright home abovePage Scan
54The winds are driving o'er the seaPage Scan
55When life's sad toils are o'erPage Scan
56You have only one motherPage Scan
57Oh, how wonderful! Page Scan
58With joy to the glory of God I confessPage Scan
59The story of redeeming lovePage Scan
60He knoweth best!Page Scan
61Are you ready to start for home, brother?Page Scan
62God is calling, gently callingPage Scan
63Come, my Redeemer, comePage Scan
64Take my life, and let it bePage Scan
65There are lonely hearts to cherishPage Scan
66In all the world there is but one JesusPage Scan
67Have thy affections been nail'd to the cross?Page Scan
68Wondrous it seemeth to mePage Scan
69O friends of Christ who live in happy Christian lands!Page Scan
70Blest be the tie that bindsPage Scan
71Rejoice! rejoice in grateful laysPage Scan
72I've seen the lightning flashingPage Scan
73A beautiful land by faith I seePage Scan
74Tell me again of that beautiful homePage Scan
75After the life-paths we're treadingPage Scan
76In from the highways and byways of sinPage Scan
77The Lord is my Shepherd, away then all carePage Scan
78O tell ye there's life and salvation for allPage Scan
79I saw, when the winds swept over the meadPage Scan
80Look up! the cross is raised on highPage Scan
81In the day of all days, when the world shall be judgedPage Scan
82O when shall I stand with that glorious throngPage Scan
83Soul, a fountain for sin has been opened for allPage Scan
84I think when I read that sweet story of oldPage Scan
85Let us pray for each other in the morningPage Scan
86I know I love Thee better, LordPage Scan
87While tossing on life's stormy seaPage Scan
88Only one story which never grows oldPage Scan
89To the promised home in gloryPage Scan
90Glory to God in the highest!Page Scan
91Go forth into the harvestPage Scan
92The footsteps of Jesus our way-marks will bePage Scan
93O sing of Jesus, "Lamb of God"Page Scan
94We are waiting, waiting the dayPage Scan
95Sing unto the LordPage Scan
96When our pilgrimage is o'erPage Scan
97When the day of life is almost o'erPage Scan
98We are stepping, daily steppingPage Scan
99From galling bond and slavish chainPage Scan
100Brother, hear the cry from the dark domainPage Scan

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