A Baptist Hymn Book, Designed Especially for the Regular Baptist Church and All Lovers of Truth

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d501Mortals, awake, with angels join
d502Must friends and kindred droop and die
d503My Captain sounds the alarm of war
d504My dear Redeemer, and my Lord
d505My Father and my God, O teach me
d506My God assist me, while I raise an anthem
d507My God, how cheerful [cheering] is the sound
d508My God inspire this heart of mine
d509My God, my heart with love inflame
d510My God, my life, my love, to thee, to thee I call
d511My God, my portion, and my love, my everlasting all.
d512My God, the spring of all my joys
d513My God was with me all the night
d514My God, what silken [gentle] cords are thine
d515My gracious Redeemer I [I'll] love
d516My hour glass will soon run out
d517My love, saith Jesus to his bride
d518My rising soul, with strong desires
d519My Savior, let me hear thy voice
d520My Savior, on Mount Calvary
d521My sorrows, like a flood
d522My soul, arise in [with] joyful lays
d523My soul, how lovely is the place to which thy God
d524My soul, with joy attend, While Jesus silence
d525My wakened soul, extend thy wings
d526Ne'er was a sinner cast away
d527No more, my God, I boast no more, Of all the duties I have done
d528No more of works I vainly boast
d529No sleep nor slumber to his eyes
d530No strength of nature can suffice
d531Not all the blood of beast [beasts], On Jewish altars
d532Not all the outward forms on earth, Nor rites that God hath given
d533Not by the law [laws] of innocence Can Adam's sons arrive
d534Not different food nor different dress, Compose the kindgom of our Lord
d535Not to control the church of God
d536Not unto us but thee alone
d537Not with our mortal eyes have we beheld the Lord
d538Now by the bowels [mercies] of my [our] God [Lord]
d539Now for a tune [hymn] [song] of lofty praise
d540Now from the altar of my heart [our hearts]
d541Now from the east and west and south
d542Now, gracious Lord, thine [thy] arm reveal
d543Now in a song of grateful praise [love]
d544Now in the [thy] galleries of his grace
d545Now let each happy guest
d546Now let our voices join
d547Now let the feeble all be strong
d548Now Lord, on whom for help I call
d549Now Lord, thy heavenly [gospel] seed is sown
d550Now may the God of peace and love
d551Now to the Lord a noble [joyful] song
d552Now we are met in holy fear to hear the happy saints
d553Now while the gospel net is cast
d554O blessed souls are they
d555O could I find from day to day
d556O could I find some peaceful bower
d557O, for a [an] heart to praise [love] my God
d558O for a closer walk with God
d559O for a glance of heavenly day
d560O, for a heart to love my God
d561O for a shout of sacred joy
d562O for a sweet, inspiring ray
d563O for a thousand tongues to sing my great [dear] Redeemer's praise
d564O for an overcoming faith
d565O give me, Lord, my sins to mourn
d566O glorious God of grace, Look from thy radiant throne
d567O God, my Sun, thy blissful rays
d568O God of love, with cheering ray
d569O God of mercy, hear my [our] call
d570O God, thou ever wise
d571O happy time, long waited for, The comfort of my heart
d572O let our grateful songs record
d573O Lord, dismiss us now in love
d574O Lord of hosts remember us
d575O Lord, Thy mercy, my sure hope
d576O may my heart, by grace renewed
d577O sanctify the Lord himself
d578O tell me no more of this [the] world's vain [vain world's] store
d579O that I had a seraph's fire
d580O that I knew the secret place
d581O that the Lord indeed would me, his servant
d582O thou in whose presence my soul takes delight
d583O thou who didst thy glory leave
d584O thou who diest the mourner's tear
d585O thou whose mercy guides my way
d586O unto us a child is borm
d587O when shall I [we] see Jesus and dwell [reign] with Him above
d588O [When] thou my righteous Judge shall [shalt] come
d589O where shall rest be found
d590O with what pleasure we behold
d591O Zion, afflicted with wave upon wave
d592Obedient nature, at thy call
d593O'er mercy's unfathomed abyss
d594O'er the [those] gloomy hills of darkness
d595Of all the gifts to man bestowed
d596Of all the joys we mortals [which creatures] know
d597Oft as sins, my soul, assail thee
d598On death's cold stormy banks I stand
d599On Zion, his own holy mount, God will a feast prepare
d600On Zion's glorious summit stood, A numerous host, redeemed by blood

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