A Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion (15th ed.)




Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1848,
In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

Publisher: Ticknor and Fields, Boston, 1866
Denomination: Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
Language: English
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401O God! to Thee our hearts would payText
402Like shadows gliding o'er the plainText
403Brother, thou art gone before usText
404Another hand is beckoning usText
405Brother, though from yonder skyText
406Clay to clay, and dust to dust!Text
407Dear as thou wast, and justly dearText
408Go to the grave in all thy glorious primeText
409Thou art gone to the grave;—but we will not deplore theeText
410Calm on the bosom of thy GodText
411Fare thee well, our fondly cherished!Text
412To the Father's love we trustText
413In the broad fields of heavenText
414Mighty One, whose name is holyText
415Lord, from Thy blessed throneText
416From Greenland's icy mountainsText
417Where, for a thousand milesText
418Westward, Lord, the world alluringText
419Not with the flashing steelText
420Lord, once our faith in man no fear could moveText
421Down the dark future, through long generationsText
422"To God be glory! Peace on earth!"Text
423We love the venerable houseText
424A wondrous star our pioneerText
425Thou Lord of Hosts, whose guiding handText
426An offering at the shrine of powerText
427The kings of old have shrine and tombText
428Flung to the heedless windsText
429Glory to God! whose witness-trainText
430Heave, mighty ocean, heave!Text
431Launch thy bark, mariner!Text
432Many a power within earth's bosomText
433In pleasant lands have fallen the linesText
434From foes that would our land devourText
435O Thou, whose presence went beforeText
436The land our fathers left to usText
437Men! whose boast it is that yeText
438Lord, when Thine ancient people criedText
439Ages, ages have departedText
440Climb we the mountain afarText
441O Thou, at whose rebuke, the graveText
442What precept, Jesus, is like thineText
443O, say not, think not, heavenly notesText
444By cool Siloam's shady rillText
445See Israel's gentle Shepherd standText
446Ye joyous ones! upon whose browText
447While yet the youthful spirit bearsText
448Great God! and wilt Thou condescendText
449Our country is Immanuel's groundText
450There is a world we have not seenText
451Now gird your patient loins againText
452Jesus, while he dwelt belowText
453The saints on earth and those aboveText
454Not to the terrors of the LordText
455By earth hemmed in, by earth oppressedText
456Grows dark thy path before thee?Text
457When thirst for power or for goldText
458The light pours down from heavenText
459Beneath Thy trees to-day we metText
460Our Father! we thank Thee for sleepText
461O'er silent field and lonely lawnText
462Sweet is the light of Sabbath eveText
463Come at the morning hourText
464Approach not the altar with gloom in thy soulText
465Heralds of creation! cryText
466God is in His holy templeText
467O Thou whose power o'er moving worlds presidesText
468Praise to God, immortal praiseText
469Lo, my Shepherd's hand divine!Text
470Father, whate'er of earthly blissText
471Eternal God! Almighty CauseText
472The Lord descended from aboveText
473From Zion's holy hill there roseText
474The winds are hushed; the peaceful moonText
475O Thou who driest the mourner's tearText
476There is a book, who runs may readText
477O Thou, the primal fount of life and peaceText
478The breaking waves dashed highText
479Of all the thoughts of God, that areText
480Come, Thou almighty King!Text
481Earth's busy sounds and ceaseless dinText
482O Thou, who hast Thy servants taughtText
483Holy Spirit, source of gladnessText
484We bless Thee for this sacred dayText
485Thou givest Thy Sabbath, Lord; the din is stilledText
486O Thou, at whose divine commandText
487Our Father God! not face to faceText
488Hear, Father, hear our prayer!Text
489From the recesses of a lowly spiritText
490Father, adored in worlds above!Text
491Holy and reverend is the nameText
492Thy bounteous hand with food can blessText
493Heavenly Father! to whose eyeText
494To Thee, the Lord almightyText
495All, from the sun's upriseText
496O, GIVE thanks to Him who madeText
497Meet and right it is to singText
498Hallelujah! best and sweetestText
499All ye nations, praise the LordText
500O Thou great Spirit! who alongText

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