A Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion (15th ed.)




Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1848,
In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

Publisher: Ticknor and Fields, Boston, 1866
Denomination: Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
Language: English
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501Father, supply my every needText
502Lead us with Thy gentle swayText
503Ere to the world again we goText
504Lord of the families below!Text
505Lord! subdue our selfish willText
506It is the hour of prayerText
507For mercies past we praise Thee, LordText
508Now from the altar of our heartsText
509Father, we bless the gentle careText
510Like morning, when her early breezeText
511Brother, will you slight the messageText
512O Thou, who all things dost controlText
513O Thou, in whom the weary findText
514Father divine, this deadening power controlText
515Father, this slumber shakeText
516Thou seest my feeblenessText
517O Come and dwell in meText
518O, For a heart to praise my GodText
519Come to me, thoughts of heaven!Text
520O, For a faith that will not shrinkText
521One prayer I have,—all prayers in oneText
522Speak with us, Lord; Thyself revealText
523Father divine, our wants relieveText
524O Almighty God of love!Text
525We pray for truth and peaceText
526That might of faith, O Lord! bestowText
527Father of might, my bonds I feelText
528Holy Father, Thou hast taught meText
529Wait on the Lord, ye heirs of hopeText
530God of my life, whose gracious powerText
531My God! in life's most doubtful hourText
532Bear on, my soul! the bitter crossText
533We will not weep; for God is standing by usText
534Call the Lord thy sure salvationText
535Cross, reproach, and tribulationText
536Let the world despise and leave meText
537Eternal and immortal King!Text
538Supreme disposer of the heart!Text
539Father! we look up to TheeText
540Sow in the morn thy seedText
541Awake, our souls, away, our fearsText
542Followers of Christ! ariseText
543My soul, be on thy guardText
544Every bird that upward springsText
545Oh God, that mad'st the earth and skyText
546Great ruler of all nature's frameText
547Out of the depths of woeText
548In time of tribulationText
549Yea, I will extol TheeText
550Behold, night's shadows fadeText
551Be Thou, O God, by night, by dayText
552The daylight is fading o'er earth and o'er oceanText
553Father supreme! Thou high and holy OneText
554On the dewy breath of evenText
555While the stars unnumbered rollText
556Be near us, O Father! through night's silent hourText
557Lord of the world, who hast preservedText
558Creator of all! through whose all-seeing mightText
559Throughout the hours of darkness dimText
560Jesus, we thy promise claimText
561Partners of a glorious hopeText
562O sacred head, now woundedText
563We follow, Lord, where thou dost leadText
564Beneath the shadow of the crossText
565God of eternity! from TheeText
566Bless, O Lord, each opening yearText
567Father of mercies! God of peace!Text
568When in silence, o'er the deepText
569Christ to the young man said: "Yet one thing moreText
570Lord! whom winds and seas obeyText
571When the parting bosom bleedsText
572Lord of the wide-extended main!Text
573The Lord our God is full of mightText
574When long the soul had slept in chainsText
575Lord, lead the way the Saviour wentText
576Now, host with host assemblingText
577Slavery and death the cup containsText
578O, HE whom Jesus loved has truly spoken!Text
579God's angels! not only on high do they singText
580While sounds of war are heard aroundText
581Lord! deliver; Thou canst saveText
582May freedom speed onward, wherever the bloodText
583Daughter of Zion, awake from thy sadness!Text
584Come, kingdom of our GodText
585The glorious universe aroundText
586Nature hath seasons of reposeText
587O Spirit of the living GodText
588O Where are kings and empires nowText
589Thy servants in the temple watchedText
590Now let our voices joinText
591Onward speed thy conquering flightText
592God of the earnest heartText
593Prisoners of hope! be strong, be boldText
594Almighty Spirit, now beholdText
595We wait in faith, in prayer we waitText
596God comes, with succor speedyText
597Sing, ye redeemed of the LordText
598Faint the earth, and parched with droughtText
599Spirit of peace and love and powerText
600Gone is the hollow, murky nightText

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