Book of Hymns and Tunes, comprising the psalms and hymns for the worship of God, approved by the general assembly of 1866, arranged with appropriate tunes... by authority of the assembly of 1873

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
91aO Lord, how many are my foesATLANTICPage Scan
91bWhat shall the dying sinner doPage Scan
91cCome hither, all ye weary soulsPage Scan
91dWhere are the living, on the groundPage Scan
92aWhen gathering clouds around I viewADMAHPage Scan
92bThe Lord my pasture shall preparePage Scan
93I'll praise my Maker with my breathNEWCOURTPage Scan
94aWhen marshalled on the nightly plainAYRSHIREPage Scan
95aPeace, troubled soul, whose plaintive moanPALESTINEPage Scan
95bHe dies, the Friend of sinners diesDRESDENPage Scan
96aFrom every stormy wind that blowsRETREATPage Scan
96bMy Refuge is the God of lovePage Scan
96cStay, Thou insulted Spirit, stayPage Scan
97aMy spirit looks to God aloneGRATITUDEPage Scan
97bHow pleasant, how divinely fairPage Scan
97cI hear a voice that comes from farPage Scan
98aThus far my God hath led me onHEBRONPage Scan
98bLife is the time to serve the LordPage Scan
98cPrisoners of sin and Satan tooPage Scan
99aHow blest the righteous when he diesHAMBURGPage Scan
99bLord, what a thoughtless wretch was IPage Scan
99cBehold a Stranger at the door!Page Scan
100aWhat sinners value, I resignGERMANYPage Scan
100bMy God, in whom are all the springsPage Scan
100cGreat God, whose universal swayPage Scan
101aGive to the Lord, ye sons of fameHINGHAMPage Scan
101bWhen sins and fears prevailing risePage Scan
101cGod of the morning, at Thy voicePage Scan
102aAwake, my soul, in joyful laysLOVING-KINDNESSPage Scan
102bO Thou the contrite sinner's friendPage Scan
103aJust as I am, without one pleaCHAROLOTTEPage Scan
103bWhen the spark of life is waningWALESPage Scan
104aWhy do we mourn departing friendsCHINAPage Scan
104bAlmighty God, eternal LordPage Scan
104cThe time is short the season nearPage Scan
104dHear what the voice from heaven proclaimsPage Scan
105aLord, in the morning thou shalt hearBARBYPage Scan
105bMy trust is in my heavenly FriendPage Scan
105cHow vast the benefits divine, which wePage Scan
106aHow oft, alas, this wretched heartTYNDALPage Scan
106bThy chastening wrath, O Lord, restrainPage Scan
106cO God of mercy, hear my callPage Scan
106dI love the Lord, because my voicePage Scan
107aDark was the night, and cold the groundPage Scan
107bBehold the Saviour of mankindPage Scan
107cLord, how secure my conscience wasPage Scan
107dGreat God, before thy mercy seatPage Scan
108aNor eye has seen, nor ear has heardYORKPage Scan
108bOur God how firm his promise standsPage Scan
108cMy God, my portion, and my lovePage Scan
109aFaith adds new charms to earthly blissLAIGHT STREETPage Scan
109bHow can I sink with such a propPage Scan
109cJoy is a fruit that will not growPage Scan
110aIn evil long I took delightAVONPage Scan
110bO thou who diest the mourner's tearPage Scan
110cInquire, ye pilgrims, for the wayPage Scan
111aCome, thou Desire of all thy saintsPage Scan
111bO God of Bethel, by whose handPage Scan
111cO Lord, our languid souls inspirePage Scan
111dIn thy great name, O Lord, we comePage Scan
112aBegin my tongue some heavenly themeOAKSVILLEPage Scan
112bLet worldly minds the world pursuePage Scan
112cBehold the glories of the LambPage Scan
113aWhen I can read my title clearPISGAHPage Scan
113bDidst thou, dear Jesus, suffer shamePage Scan
113cThy way, O God! is in the seaPage Scan
114aBehold us, Lord, and let our crySWANWICKPage Scan
114bO Lord, my best desires fulfillPage Scan
114cIt shall be well, let sinners knowPage Scan
114dAlas what hourly dangers risePage Scan
115aBestow, dear Lord, upon our youthPage Scan
115bThee we adore, eternal namePage Scan
115cO for an overcoming faithPage Scan
115dO for the eye of faith divinePage Scan
116aReligion is the chief concernST. JOHN'SPage Scan
116bWho shall inhabit in Thy hillPage Scan
116cIn God, most holy, just and truePage Scan
116dSin has a thousand treacherous artsPage Scan
117aGod, my supporter and my hopeST. MARTIN'SPage Scan
117bAre all the foes of Zion foolsPage Scan
117cO Lord, my hope and confidencePage Scan
118aO Thou, my light, my life, my joyWINTERPage Scan
118bLord, I will thee extol, for ThouPage Scan
118cDearest of all the names abovePage Scan
119aHow long wilt thou forget meWINDSORPage Scan
119bO Lord, give ear unto my voicePage Scan
119cWhy should our tears in sorrow flowPage Scan
120aTo God I cried with mournful voiceMANOAHPage Scan
120bWhen musing sorrow weeps the pastPage Scan
120cHow happy every child of gracePage Scan
120dJesus, the vision of thy facePage Scan
121aCome, let us to the Lord our GodCASWELLPage Scan
121bLife like a vain amusement fliesPage Scan
121cLord, what a wretched land is thisPage Scan
122aHow shall I praise the eternal GodDUNDEEPage Scan
122bGreat God, how infinite art thouPage Scan
122cKeep silence, all created thingsPage Scan
122dTo thee, my righteous King and LordPage Scan
123aHad not the God of truth and lovePage Scan
123bUnshaken as the sacred hillPage Scan

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