Book of Hymns and Tunes, comprising the psalms and hymns for the worship of God, approved by the general assembly of 1866, arranged with appropriate tunes... by authority of the assembly of 1873

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
277cNow begin the heavenly themePage Scan
278aGently, gently, lay thy rodHORTONPage Scan
278bWho O Lord, when life is o'erPage Scan
278cHoly Father! hear my cryPage Scan
278dPilgrim, burdened with thy sinPage Scan
279aHark, my soul, it is the LordNORWICHPage Scan
279bSinner, art thou still securePage Scan
279cJesus, save my dying soulPage Scan
280aNow the shades of night are goneDALLASPage Scan
280bLord of hosts, how lovely fairPage Scan
280cNow may he who from the deadPage Scan
280dSoftly fades the twilight rayPage Scan
281aGracious Spirit, Love divineESHTEMOAPage Scan
281bSoftly now the light of dayPage Scan
281cFather, let Thy smiling facePage Scan
281dJesus, Master, hear me nowPage Scan
282aYe that in His courts are foundNUREMBURGHPage Scan
282bNow, from labor and from carePage Scan
282cGo to dark GethsemanePage Scan
282dGreat Jehovah, Father, SonPage Scan
283aRock of Ages, cleft for meTOPLADYPage Scan
283bHearts of stone, relent, relentPage Scan
283cJesus, Lamb of God, for mePage Scan
284aFrom the cross uplifted highELTHAMPage Scan
284bChildren of the heavenly king as we journeyPage Scan
285aHark, the song of jubileeENNIUSPage Scan
285bHigh in yonder realms of lightPage Scan
286a'Tis my happiness belowJEROMEPage Scan
286bWho are these in bright arrayPage Scan
287aLord of earth, Thy forming handONEIDAPage Scan
287bWhen along life's thorny roadPage Scan
288aMary to the Saviour's tombMARTYNPage Scan
288bJesus, merciful and mild, Lead mePage Scan
288cPeople of the living God!Page Scan
289aJesus, lover of my soulHOTHAMPage Scan
289bThey who seek the throne of gracePage Scan
290aWhile with ceaseless course, the sunBENEVENTOPage Scan
290bSinners, turn! why will you diePage Scan
290cBoundless glory, Lord, be thinePage Scan
291aSafely through another weekSABBATHPage Scan
291bSaviour, when in dust to TheePage Scan
292Watchman, tell us of the nightWATCHMANPage Scan
293aMy days are gliding swiftly byNELSONPage Scan
293bAnd is it so, a little whilePage Scan
293cThis world is not my home, I knowPage Scan
294aMercy, O thou Son of DavidBARTIMEUSPage Scan
294bJesus, full of all compassionPage Scan
294cHeavenly Father, grant thy blessingPage Scan
295aSweet the moments, rich in blessingDORRNANCEPage Scan
295bTossed upon the raging billowPage Scan
295cHark, what mean those lamentationsPage Scan
295dWhy lament the Christian dyingPage Scan
296aLord, dismiss us with thy blessingSICILYPage Scan
296bYes, my native land, I love theePage Scan
296cO'er the gloomy hills of darknessPage Scan
297aOn the mountain's top appearingZIONPage Scan
297bChildren hear the melting storyPage Scan
297cZion stands with hills surroundedPage Scan
298aGlorious things of thee are spokenHARWELLPage Scan
298bHark, ten thousand harps and voicesPage Scan
298cLo he comes with clouds descendingPage Scan
299aSaviour, visit Thy plantationGREENVILLEPage Scan
299bGently, Lord, O gently lead usPage Scan
299cPraise to thee, thou great creatorPage Scan
300aCome ye sinners, poor and wretchedHALLELUJAHPage Scan
300bCome, Thou Fount of every blessingPage Scan
301aSaviour, hast Thou fled foreverTHOMPSONPage Scan
301bCome, Thou Fount of every blessingFOUNTPage Scan
302aHark, the voice of love and mercyAUTUMNPage Scan
302bSinners, will ye scorn the messagePage Scan
303aGuide me, O thou great JehovahOLIPHANTPage Scan
303bCome, Thou soul-transforming SpiritPage Scan
303cSaviour, breathe an evening blessingPage Scan
304aHail! my ever blessed JesusMIDDLETONPage Scan
304bLove divine, all love excellingPage Scan
305aSinners, we are sent to bid youBAYLEYPage Scan
305bWelcome, welcome, dear RedeemerPage Scan
306aSee, the eternal Judge descendingBRESTPage Scan
306bDay of judgment, day of wondersPage Scan
307aHail, thou once despised JesusRATHBUNPage Scan
307bJesus, hail, enthroned in gloryPage Scan
307cStep by step, my Father lead mePage Scan
307dO my soul, what means this sadnessPage Scan
308aCome, Thou long expected JesusDISCIPLEPage Scan
308bOne there is above all othersPage Scan
308cJesus, I my cross have taken, all to leavePage Scan
308dLift your heads with faithPage Scan
309aLord of every land and nationWADDELLPage Scan
309bHark, what mean those holy voicesPage Scan
310aLord, I hear of showers of blessingSTEADMANPage Scan
310bPraise the Lord, ye heav'ns adore himPEREZPage Scan
311Come, let us anew our journey pursueLUCASPage Scan
312aRise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsAMSTERDAMPage Scan
312bVain, delusive world, adieuPage Scan
312c'Tis not that I did choose theePage Scan
313aFrom Greenland's icy mountainsMISSIONARY HYMNPage Scan
313bSometimes a light surprisesPage Scan
314aI want to be with JesusCOVERDALEPage Scan
314bI lay my sins on JesusPage Scan
315aO Sacred Head once woundedWEBBPage Scan

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