The Baptist Psalmody: a selection of hymns for the worship of God

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301Lord, I have made thy word my choicePage Scan
302I love the volume [volumes] of thy wordPage Scan
303O how I love thy holy lawPage Scan
304I love the sacred book of GodPage Scan
305Let everlasting glories crownPage Scan
306Lord, we are vile, conceived in sinPage Scan
307Sin, like a venomous diseasePage Scan
308How is our nature spoiled [marred] by singPage Scan
309Lord, I would spread my sore distressPage Scan
310Great King of glory and of gracePage Scan
311Arise, my tenderest thoughts, arisePage Scan
312Ah how shall fallen manPage Scan
313Out of the deeps, O Lord, we callPage Scan
314How sad our state [fate] by nature isPage Scan
315Buried in [the] shadows of the nightPage Scan
316How heavy is the nightPage Scan
317Nature with open volume standsPage Scan
318This is the word of truth and lovePage Scan
319How sweetly flowed the gospel's soundPage Scan
320Salvation, O the joyful soundPage Scan
321Christ and his [the] cross is [are] all our [my] themePage Scan
322Forgiveness, 'tis [what] a joyful soundPage Scan
323Come ye [you] sinners, poor and wretched [needy], Weak and woundedPage Scan
324Ye dying sons of menPage Scan
325Blow ye [you] the trumpet, blowPage Scan
326Come hither, all ye [you] weary soulsPage Scan
327Come, saith [said] [says] Jesus' sacred voicePage Scan
328O what amazing words of grace Are in the gospel foundPage Scan
329Peace, troubled soul, whose [thy] plaintive moanPage Scan
330Come weary soul [souls] with sin [sins] distressedPage Scan
331The Savior calls, let every ear attendPage Scan
332Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor Behold a royal feastPage Scan
333Come sinner [sinners] to the gospel feastPage Scan
334Let every mortal ear attendPage Scan
335The king of heaven his table spreadsPage Scan
336Ho, everyone that thirsts, draw nighPage Scan
337Bleeding hearts, defiled by sinPage Scan
338From the cross uplifted highPage Scan
339Jesus, thy blessings are not fewPage Scan
340Ye trembling captives, hear The gospel trumpet soundsPage Scan
341Come, humble sinner, in whose breastPage Scan
342Hark, 'tis the Savior 's voice I hear Come, trembling soul, dispel thy fearPage Scan
343Behold, a Stranger at the doorPage Scan
344Come, poor sinner, come and seePage Scan
345Our God invites the wanderers homePage Scan
346The Spirit in our hearts is whispering sinner comePage Scan
347Wanderer from God, return, returnPage Scan
348Come, ye [you] disconsolate, where'er ye [you] languishPage Scan
349O cease, my wandering soulPage Scan
350The voice of free grace cries escapePage Scan
351Broad is the road [stream] that leads to death [wrath]Page Scan
352Strait [straight] is the way [gate], the door is strait [straight]Page Scan
353There is a path that leads to God, All others go astrayPage Scan
354The Lord Jehovah calls, Be every ear inclinedPage Scan
355Ye sinners, fear the LordPage Scan
356Delay not, delay not: O sinner [drunkard] draw nearPage Scan
357Hear, O sinner, mercy hails [calls] youPage Scan
358Now is the day of gracePage Scan
359Hark, sinner, while God from on high doth entreat thee And warnings with accents of mercy doth blendPage Scan
360Now is the accepted timePage Scan
361Haste [Hasten], [O] sinner [sinners] [now] to be wisePage Scan
362While life prolongs its precious lightPage Scan
363And canst thou, sinner, slightPage Scan
364All yesterday is gonePage Scan
365Say, sinner, hath a voice withinPage Scan
366Why will ye [you] waste on trifling caresPage Scan
367There is a time, we know not whenPage Scan
368What is the thing of greatest [highest] pricePage Scan
369Sinner, what hast thou [has earth] to showPage Scan
370O lay not up upon this earth, Your hopePage Scan
371O where shall rest be foundPage Scan
372Religion is the chief concernPage Scan
373Sinner [sinners], the voice of God regardPage Scan
374Sinner [sinners] turn, why will ye [you] diePage Scan
375Sinners, turn, while God is nearPage Scan
376Rouse ye at the Savior's callPage Scan
377Eternity is just at handPage Scan
378I hear a voice that comes from farPage Scan
379Hearts of stone, relent, relentPage Scan
380Behold the Lamb of God, who bore thy guiltPage Scan
381Amazing sight, the Savior standsPage Scan
382Sinner [sinners], hear the [thy] Savior's callPage Scan
383Hark! from the cross a voice of peacePage Scan
384Sinner [sinners], will you [ye] scorn [slight] the messagePage Scan
385Repent, the voice celestial criesPage Scan
386See in the vineyard of the LordPage Scan
387Can sinners hope for heavenPage Scan
388Ungrateful sinner [sinners] whence this scornPage Scan
389Sinner, rouse thee from thy sleepPage Scan
390Sinner, art thou [are you] still secure [sincere]Page Scan
391When thy mortal life is fledPage Scan
392How shall the sons of men appearPage Scan
393Would you win a soul to GodPage Scan
394Not all the blood of beast [beasts], On Jewish altarsPage Scan
395God's holy law transgressedPage Scan
396O Lord, thy righteous law demandsPage Scan
397Vain are the hopes the [that] sons of menPage Scan
398Behold, the sin atoning LambPage Scan
399Dearest of all the names above, My Jesus and my GodPage Scan
400While Sinai roars and round the earthPage Scan

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