The Baptist Psalmody: a selection of hymns for the worship of God

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601Blest, who with generous pity glowsPage Scan
602Thou God of hope, to thee we bowPage Scan
603Yes, there are joys that cannot diePage Scan
604Blest are the men whose mercies movePage Scan
605Blest is the man, whose softening [generous] heartPage Scan
606Attend, and mark the solemn fastPage Scan
607Jesus, our Lord, how rich thy gracePage Scan
608What shall we render, bounteous LordPage Scan
609Father of mercies, send thy gracePage Scan
610When Jesus dwelt in mortal clayPage Scan
611Father, I see thy sun arisePage Scan
612Behold, where, in the friend of manPage Scan
613Father, forgive, the Savior cried With his expiring breathPage Scan
614Whene'er the [our] angry passions risePage Scan
615Behold what wondrous gracePage Scan
616Lord, what a wretched land is thisPage Scan
617We've no abiding city herePage Scan
618Brethren, while we sojourn herePage Scan
619How happy [happy's] every child of grace, who [that] feels [knows] his sins forgivenPage Scan
620'Tis sweet to rest in lively hopePage Scan
621A few more days on earth to spendPage Scan
622Whene'er the Christian pilgrim viewsPage Scan
623Come, ye [you] [we] that [who] love the Lord [Christ], And let your [our] joysPage Scan
624My God, the spring of all my joysPage Scan
625How happy are they, Who the [their] Savior [Jesus] obeyPage Scan
626Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsPage Scan
627Children of the heavenly king as we journeyPage Scan
628Joy is a [the] fruit that will not growPage Scan
629While through this wilderness belowPage Scan
630Sing, all ye ransomed of the LordPage Scan
631Let thy grace, Lord, make me lowlyPage Scan
632Jesus, exalted far on highPage Scan
633Is there ambition in my heartPage Scan
634Lord, if thou thy [the] grace impartPage Scan
635Lord, forever at thy side, Let [May] my placePage Scan
636Wherefore should man, frail child of clayPage Scan
637Ye servant [servants] of the Lord, Each in his [your] office waitsPage Scan
638My soul be on thy [your] guardPage Scan
639Stand up, my soul [our souls], shake off thy [your] fearsPage Scan
640Awake, my drowsy soul, awakePage Scan
641Am I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
642Soldiers of Christ, arise, and put [gird] your armorPage Scan
643Awake, our souls, away our fearsPage Scan
644Awake my soul, stretch every nervePage Scan
645Give me the wings of faith to risePage Scan
646Rise, O my [our] soul [souls], pursue the path[way]Page Scan
647Behold what witnesses unseenPage Scan
648Sow in the morn thy [the] seed, At evePage Scan
649In all my Lord's appointed waysPage Scan
650My drowsy powers, why sleep ye soPage Scan
651Laborers of Christ, arisePage Scan
652O, for a [an] heart to praise [love] my GodPage Scan
653My Savior, fill my soulPage Scan
654My soul lies cleaving to the dust, Lord, give mePage Scan
655Pity, O Lord, thy feeble childPage Scan
656O could I find from day to dayPage Scan
657O for a principle withinPage Scan
658Permit me, Lord, to seek Thy facePage Scan
659O that the Lord would guide my [our] waysPage Scan
660And is this life prolonged to mePage Scan
661O Lord, thy heavenly grace impartPage Scan
662O God, my strength, my hopePage Scan
663Shall we go on to sinPage Scan
664Love divine, all loves [love] excellingPage Scan
665Had I a throne above the restPage Scan
666O love divine, how sweet [good] thou artPage Scan
667Jesus, thy boundless love to mePage Scan
668Up to the field [fields] where angels lie [sing]Page Scan
669Now let our souls, on wings sublimePage Scan
670My God, permit me [us] not to be a strangerPage Scan
671O that I knew the placePage Scan
672There is a state unknown, unseenPage Scan
673When, O dear Jesus, when shall I [we]Page Scan
674In duties and in sufferings tooPage Scan
675My dear Redeemer, and my LordPage Scan
676So let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
677Didst thou, dear Saviour, suffer shamePage Scan
678Behold the throne of gracePage Scan
679From every stormy wind [sense] that blowsPage Scan
680A throne of grace, then let us goPage Scan
681There is a heavenly mercy seatPage Scan
682Jesus, who knows full wellPage Scan
683Prayer is the breath of God in manPage Scan
684Prayer is the soul's [heart's] [saint's] sincere desirePage Scan
685Prayer is the contrite sinner's voicePage Scan
686Lord, when we bow before thy thronePage Scan
687Lord, I cannot let thee go Till a blessing thou bestowPage Scan
688Where is my [our] God, does he retirePage Scan
689What various hindrances we meetPage Scan
690Prayer is [was] appointed to conveyPage Scan
691I love to steal awhile awayPage Scan
692Blest Jesus, while in mortal fleshPage Scan
693Father of all! we bow to theePage Scan
694Our Father God who art in heaven, all hallowedPage Scan
695Father, adored in worlds abovePage Scan
696How sweet the melting layPage Scan
697O Lord, when billows o'er me risePage Scan
698Behold thy waiting servant, LordPage Scan
699Alas what hourly dangers risePage Scan
700My spirit sinks within me, LordPage Scan

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