The Banner of Victory: a choice selection of songs, duets, quartets, and choruses, for Sunday schools, prayer and praise meetings, and the fireside

Editor: A. J. Abbey, M. J. Munger
Publisher: Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston, 1881
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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2Jesus, hail! enthron'd in glory
3Jesus, hail! enthron'd in gloryPage Scan
4The banner of victory we hoist in the breezePage Scan
5We can do something tho children so youngPage Scan
6A dear little army of childrenPage Scan
7Beautiful the little handsPage Scan
8Chiming bells are tuneful ringingPage Scan
9My God, my Father, while I strayPage Scan
10What have I ever done for JesusPage Scan
11The happy time has come at lastPage Scan
12When beautiful flowers impart their perfumePage Scan
13a'Tis a sweet blessed story the Bible hath giv'nPage Scan
13bThe silver trumpets call The gladsome jubileePage Scan
14Once again we gladly gatherPage Scan
15Sabbath bells, Sabbath bellsPage Scan
16Jesus is tenderly callingPage Scan
17Some day Christ will call us homewardPage Scan
18Away to the woods, awayPage Scan
19We are little workers, working for the LordPage Scan
20Oh, gladly on this Sabbath dayPage Scan
21Gather them in, the tender lambsPage Scan
22Sweet is the hallowed chimingPage Scan
23In my joy and in my sorrowPage Scan
24See the band of little childrenPage Scan
25There is a land With pastures evergreenPage Scan
26I'm told that Jesus loves mePage Scan
27Jesus, keep within Thy foldPage Scan
28Waiting and watching for dawning of dayPage Scan
29At the lightest touch of morningPage Scan
30Out on the waste of sin and deathPage Scan
31Pleasant is the Sabbath bellPage Scan
32He, the dear Saviour, doth His word fulfilPage Scan
33Onward, pressing onward, in the narrow wayPage Scan
34Angel mother, I am dreamingPage Scan
35Spurn me not, O loving Saviour!Page Scan
36The kingdom of Jesus is threaten'd we knowPage Scan
37In my Father's house abovePage Scan
38All that in the Lord believePage Scan
39The dear little children are gather'd todayPage Scan
40Come and join our great commandPage Scan
41Around the throne of God in heav'nPage Scan
42One and all, come let us singPage Scan
43Oh, city of the angels!Page Scan
44Soon the evening shadows fallingPage Scan
45Now is past the time of teachingPage Scan
46There's a beautiful land on the other shorePage Scan
47Jesus loves me, this I knowPage Scan
48Let us work for JesusPage Scan
49I am a young abstainerPage Scan
50When the morning light drives away the nightPage Scan
51Come! come! come! Come to the infant-schoolPage Scan
52After these trials and troubles are pastPage Scan
53Jesus forever livesPage Scan
54Outward bound! Outward bound!Page Scan
55How tenderly Jesus loves usPage Scan
56Give unto us, dear SaviourPage Scan
57We will haste to Sabbath-schoolPage Scan
58Out in the world may we go, dearest LordPage Scan
59Childhood's days are passing o'er usPage Scan
60List to the bugle call, Come, soldiers, comePage Scan
61Long, O Master, in thy vineyardPage Scan
62Tho' far I have stray'd from the fold of the LordPage Scan
63There's an adder in the cupPage Scan
64Thro' the mists of shadows drearyPage Scan
66I am on my way to ZionPage Scan
67The way to heav'n is narrowPage Scan
68Dear Redeemer, only TheePage Scan
69The silver bells of eventidePage Scan
70Have you stood upon the coast of the sea, of the seaPage Scan
71I have no goodness of my ownPage Scan
72There's a home that is waiting, is waiting for mePage Scan
73How calm and beautiful the mornPage Scan
74The last night of watching is overPage Scan
75On a Christmas morning brightPage Scan
76Oh, toiler in the vineyardPage Scan
77We are marching onward, upwardPage Scan
78Once we had a household treasurePage Scan
79So tender, so precious, My Saviour to mePage Scan
80Oh, we love to hear the chiming of the Sabbath school bellPage Scan
81What is best that we should havePage Scan
82Are you weary, sister, brother?Page Scan
83Up and away, like the dew of the morningPage Scan
84Tho' I'm but a servant, with Christ for my MasterPage Scan
85Lovingly, gently, Bear her to restPage Scan
86If our hearts are free from sinPage Scan
87Holy Bible, book divinePage Scan
88Ye like lost sheep that have wander'd astrayPage Scan
89Pilgrim bound ZionwardPage Scan
90When the flow'rs are springingPage Scan
91As the coming of the BridegroomPage Scan
92These are the crowns that we shall wearPage Scan
93Lamb of God, the CrucifiedPage Scan
94See the heathen o'er the seaPage Scan
95With singing we welcome the bright Sabbath dayPage Scan
96Sailing o'er life's ocean, Where the storms prevailPage Scan
97I'm a little pilgrim, And a stranger herePage Scan
98Come and labor for the MasterPage Scan
99Come dear Saviour with thy blessingPage Scan
100Into the tent where a "gypsy boy" layPage Scan
101Bring the little lambs to JesusPage Scan

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