The Christian Hymnal

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d201God, in the gospel of his [the] Son
d202God is in his holy temple, all the earth keep silence here
d203God is in the loneliest spot
d204God is love, his mercy brightens
d205God is the fountain whence Ten thousand blessings flow
d206God is the refuge of his saints
d207God moves in a mysterious way
d208God of my heart, to thee
d209God of my life, thy boundless grace
d210God of my [our] life, to [on] thee I [we] call
d211God of our salvation, hear us
d212God of our salvation, Unto thee we pray
d213God of the prophets' power
d214God's law demands one living faith
d215Grace, 'tis a charming [cheering] [joyful] [pleasing] sound
d216Gracious Savior, we adore thee
d217Great God, attend, while Zion sings [children sing] [here we sing]
d218Great God, thy penetrating eye
d219Great God, whose universal sway
d220Great Maker of unnumbered worlds
d221Great was the day, the joy was great
d222Greatest source of every blessing
d223Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
d224Guide us, Lord, while hand in hand
d225Had I ten thousand gifts beside
d226Hail, gracious heavenly Prince
d227Hail, morning known among the blest
d228Hail, ransomed world, awake to glory
d229Hail, sweetest, dearest, tie that binds
d230Hail the blest morn when [see] the great Mediator
d231Hail the day that saw him rise
d232Hail, thou long expected Jesus
d233Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morning
d234Hail to the prince of life and peace
d235Happy soul, thy days are ended [ending]
d236Happy the Church, thou [the] sacred place
d237Hark, sinner, while God from on high doth entreat thee
d238Hark, ten thousand harps and voices
d239Hark, the glad sound, the Savior comes
d240Hark, the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn King
d241Hark, the song of jubilee
d242Hark, the voice of love and mercy
d243Hark, what joyful notes are swelling
d244Hark, what mean those holy voices
d245Haste [Hasten], [O] sinner [sinners] [now] to be wise
d246Haste, traveller, haste, the night comes on
d247Hasten, Lord, the glorious time
d248Have you heard, have you heard of that [the] sun-bright [heavenly] clime
d249He dies, the friend of sinners dies
d250He knelt, the Savior knelt and prayed
d251He leadeth me, O blessed thought
d252He sendeth sun, he sendeth shower
d253He that [who] goeth forth with weeping, Bearing [sowing] precious seed in love
d254Head of thy [the] church triumphant
d255Hear, Father, hear our prayer
d256Hear, O sinner, mercy hails [calls] you
d257Hear the royal proclamation, the glad tidings
d258Here behold me, as I cast me
d259Here I sink before thee lowly
d260Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face
d261Here we are but straying pilgrims
d262High in yonder realms of light
d263Ho reapers of life's harvest why stand with rested blade
d264Holy Bible, book divine, Precious treasure, thou art mine
d265Hosanna [Hosannas] to the Prince of light
d266Hosanna, raise the pealing [joyful] hymn
d267Hosanna to our conquering King, The prince of darkness flies
d268How beauteous are their [his] feet
d269How beauteous were [are] the marks divine
d270How blest are they whose transient years
d271How blest the righteous when he dies
d272How blest the sacred tie that binds
d273How calm and beautiful the morn
d274How charming is the place
d275How firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the Lord
d276How free and boundless is the grace
d277How gentle God's commands
d278How gracious and how wise
d279How happy are they, Who the [their] Savior [Jesus] obey
d280How happy [happy's] every child of grace, who [that] feels [knows] his sins forgiven
d281How happy is the Christian's state [mind]
d282How happy is the pilgrim's lot
d283How honored, how dear is that sacred abode
d284How honored is the place
d285How long, O Lord our Savior
d286How painfully pleasing the fond recollection Of youthful connections [emotions]
d287How pleasant, how [and] divinely fair
d288How pleased and blest was I
d289How pleasing to behold and see
d290How precious is the book divine
d291How shall I my [we our] Savior set forth
d292How shall the young secure their hearts
d293How short and hasty is our life
d294How sweet, how [and] heavenly is the sight
d295How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
d296How sweet the praise, how high the theme
d297How sweet to be allowed to pray
d298How sweet to leave the world awhile
d299How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound
d300How tender is thy hand

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