College Hymnal: a selection of Christian praise-songs for the uses of worship in universities, colleges and advanced schools.

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
101He is gone! and we remainNUREMBURGPage Scan
102O Word of God IncarnateMUNICHPage Scan
103O God, O Spirit, Light of all that liveAFFIANCEPage Scan
104Our blest Redeemer, ere He breath'dST. CUTHBERTPage Scan
105Thy home is with the humble, Lord!MEDITATIONPage Scan
106Fountain of Love! Thyself true God!XAVIERPage Scan
107Our God, our God, thou shinest hereMARLOWPage Scan
108Enthroned on high, Almighty LordKABZEELPage Scan
109He's come! let every knee be bentWESTMINSTERPage Scan
110Oh may Thy spirit guide my feetST. MARTIN'SPage Scan
111Holy Ghost, with light divineIMMANUELPage Scan
112O God of truth, whose living wordST. STEPHENPage Scan
113All hail the pow'r of Jesus' Name!MILES LANEPage Scan
114The head that once was crown'd with thornsCORONATIONPage Scan
115Crown Him with many crownsSUNDERLANDPage Scan
116Immortal Love, forever fullST. PETERPage Scan
117When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINIPage Scan
118Majestic sweetness sits enthronedORTONVILLEPage Scan
119These eyes, O Jesus, ne'er have seenBEDFORDPage Scan
120Ye servants of God! Your Master proclaimLYONSPage Scan
121Fairest Lord JesusCRUSADER'S HYMN (ST. ELIZABETH)Page Scan
122How sweet the name of Jesus soundsBRISTOLPage Scan
123My God, I love Thee, not becauseWÜRTEMBURGPage Scan
124O Thou great Friend to all the sons of menCASSIDYPage Scan
125In the cross of Christ I gloryRATHBUNPage Scan
126Weary of Earth and laden with my sinLANGRANPage Scan
127Take up thy cross (the Saviour said)SAMSONPage Scan
128Today the Saviour callsTO-DAYPage Scan
129Behold a Stranger's at the door!BERAPage Scan
130Oh, cease, my wand'ring soulST. BRIDEPage Scan
131I bore with thee long weary days and nightsTROYTE'S CHANTPage Scan
132O Jesus, Thou art standingCLAREPage Scan
133Lift up your heads, ye mighty gatesANASTASIUSPage Scan
134Thy grace is all of graceVIA PACISPage Scan
135Art thou weary, art thou languid?WELCOMEPage Scan
136The Lord is rich and mercifulCANTERBURYPage Scan
137Almighty and Most MercifulCANTERBURYPage Scan
138Out of the depths of woeDELIVERANCEPage Scan
139Amazing grace! how sweet the soundOBEDIENCEPage Scan
140From the recesses of a lowly spiritGOULD'S CHANTPage Scan
141O Thou Shepherd of Thine Israel, hear us!ZURIELPage Scan
142With broken heart and contrite sighWARNERPage Scan
143Have mercy, Lord, on meBRADENPage Scan
144When wounded sore, the stricken soulMANOAHPage Scan
145All that I was,—my sin, my guiltMANOAHPage Scan
146We have not known Thee as we oughtSPIRESPage Scan
147Earth has a joy unknown to Heav'nCANONBURYPage Scan
148My faith looks up to TheeOLIVETPage Scan
149Rock of Ages, cleft for meROCK OF AGESPage Scan
150I heard the voice of Jesus sayVOX DILECTIPage Scan
151Slain for my soul, for all my sins defamedDALKEITHPage Scan
152Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHPage Scan
153Jesus, Saviour, pilot mePILOTPage Scan
154A Tower of Refuge is our God!EIN' FESTE BURGPage Scan
155Thy way, not mine, O LordBAXTERPage Scan
156Thro the love of God, our SaviourALL'S WELLPage Scan
157From doubt and all its sullen painREDEMPTIONPage Scan
158Oh grant us light, that we may knowREDEMPTIONPage Scan
159Lord, my weak thought in vain would climbMELCOMBEPage Scan
160Deep clouds Thy glorious throne infoldMELCOMBEPage Scan
161O gift of gifts! O grace of Faith!DEDHAMPage Scan
162Let me no more my comfort drawDEDHAMPage Scan
163God moves in a mysterious wayABDIELPage Scan
164Thro' Baca's vale my way is castLONDONPage Scan
165My heart is resting, O my GodLONDONPage Scan
166Tho lowly here our lot may beEXULTATIONPage Scan
167We bless Thee for Thy peace, O GodCLARKPage Scan
168O for a faith that will not shrinkCLARKPage Scan
169The Lord's my Shepherd; I'll not wantARLINGTONPage Scan
170Upward I lift mine eyesLINTZPage Scan
171The Lord is my Shepherd; no want shall I knowPOLANDPage Scan
172I mourn no more my vanished yearsST. FRANCESPage Scan
173My times are in Thy handADRIANPage Scan
174Jesus, day by dayHAFODWENPage Scan
175If, thro unruffled seasMONSELLPage Scan
176Commit thou all thy griefsPEACEPage Scan
177Lord, Thou art my Rock of strengthBLUMENTHALPage Scan
178Cast thy burden on the LordBLUMENTHALPage Scan
179Head of the Church triumphantSEPTUORPage Scan
180Fear not, O ye little flock!PRUSSAIN HYMNPage Scan
181My soul, be on thy guardASWARBYPage Scan
182Come, we that love the LordLABANPage Scan
183My soul, weigh not thy lifeFERGUSONPage Scan
184O Saviour, I have naught to pleadESTHWAITEPage Scan
185Leave God to order all thy waysWER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT LÄSSST WALTENPage Scan
186Surrounded by unnumbered foesWER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT LÄSSST WALTENPage Scan
187Christian, dost thou see them!ST. ANDREWSPage Scan
188Since o'er Thy footstool hereHOLYOKEPage Scan
189Long did I toil, and knew no earthly restEVENSONGPage Scan
190Strong Son of God, Immortal LoveALSACEPage Scan
191O love of God, how strong and true!ALSACEPage Scan
192Jesus, and shall it ever beFEDERAL STREETPage Scan
193Faithful, O Lord, Thy mercies areLANCASTERPage Scan
194We love Thee, Lord, yet not aloneST. MARKPage Scan
195It was no love of mine, dear LordST. MARKPage Scan
196Thou Grace Divine, encircling allALBANOPage Scan
197O Lord! I delight in TheeALBANOPage Scan
198When this passing world is doneMARGARET STREETPage Scan
199God, my King, Thy might confessingTRUSTPage Scan
200Jesus, engrave it on my heartZITHRIPage Scan

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