A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren. Rev. ed.

Publisher: Conrad Zentler, Philadelphia, Penn., 1813
Denomination: Moravian Church
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d801'Tis through the grace thou dost bestow
d802'Tis true, the lonely widowed state
d803To avert from men God's wrath, Jesus suffered in our stead
d804To be a happy married pair
d805To earth no longer cleaving
d806To God let all the human race bring adoration, thanks and praise
d807To God on high all glory be
d808To God our Immanuel, made flesh as we are
d809To God, our Savior, let us pray
d810To God, the great Creator
d811To God the Lord be praises
d812To God the only wise, our Savior and our King
d813To God we render thanks and praise, who pitied mankind's fallen race
d814To our Redeemer's glorious name, awake the sacred song
d815To that Lord, who unconstrained death's dire pangs for us sustained
d816To the Father thanks and praises
d817To thee, almighty God, to thee
d818To thee, God Holy Ghost, we pray
d819To thee, O Lord, I send my cries
d820To thee, our Lord, all praise be given
d821To thee, the Lord of all, I'll humbly sing
d822Today we celebrate the birth
d823Together with these symbols, Lord
d824Truly that eventful day
d825'Twas by an order from the Lord
d826Unfathomed wisdom of our king
d827Unto Jesus' cross I'm now retiring
d828Unto ourselves with deepest awe
d829Unto the Lamb of God
d830Unto thee, most faithful Savior
d831Vain are all efforts made to trace
d832We humbly thee adore, O Lord
d833We in one covenant are joined
d834We know that we're poor
d835We often, in our course through time
d836We pray thee, wounded Lamb of God
d837We sing thy praise, exalted Lamb
d838We sing to God, whose tender love
d839We sinners void of good
d840We thy virgins claim thy special care
d841We thy virgins, Lord, implore thee
d842We virgins, who enjoy our Savior's grace
d843We with joy confess, beloved Savior
d844Welcome among thy flock of grace
d845Welcome, blessed, heavenly stranger
d846What good news the angels bring
d847What hast thou, Lord Jesus
d848What human mind can trace the condescension
d849What joy or honor could we have
d850What, my soul, should bow thee down
d851What peace divine, what perfect happiness
d852What praise unto the Lamb is due
d853What shall I feel, when I
d854What splendid rays of truth and grace
d855What stores of ripe, abundant fruit
d856What strikes, O wounded Lamb of God
d857Whate'er our God doth, must be right
d858When a sinner in affliction
d859When Adam fell, the frame entire
d860When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]
d861When bemoaning our undone condition
d862When by adversity I'm tried
d863When children, blest [blessed] by Jesus
d864When departed once in peace
d865When duly I weigh
d866When, having been with guilt opprest [oppressed]
d867When I am conscious truly
d868When I by faith my Savior see
d869When I Christ in spirit trace
d870When I survey the wondrous cross
d871When I visit Jesus' grave in spirit
d872When in Jesus' nail prints blest
d873When Jesus had to his disciples given
d874When Jesus hung upon the cross
d875When justice did demand its due
d876When, O when shall I have the favor
d877When our great sovereign from on high
d878When pining sickness wastes the frame
d879When rising from the bed of death
d880When rising winds, and rain descending
d881When shall I gain the glorious dress
d882When simplicity we cherish
d883When the due time had taken place
d884When the true believer's mind
d885When thou dear Savior didst ascend
d886When thou in death didst bow thy head
d887When we baptize a sinner in Christ's death
d888When we before our Savior's face
d889When we rejoice, that Jesus
d890Whene'er assailed by sinful lust
d891Whene'er the suffering Lamb of God I see
d892Whene'er with ardent prayer and supplication
d893Whenever I my matchless friend
d894Where is this infant, it is gone
d895Where shall my wondering soul begin
d896Where two or three, with sweet accord
d897Wherein is for children true bliss to be found
d898Whether the period of this life
d899While here on earth we run our race
d900While successive years are wasting

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