A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren. (New and Rev. ed.)

Publisher: Conrad Zentler, Philadelphia, 1819
Denomination: Moravian Church
Language: English
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301Didst thou, Lord Jesus, me inclinePage Scan
302O God! whose love (immense in heightPage Scan
303Take, Lord, all self from me, that IPage Scan
304Jesus, thy light again I viewPage Scan
305"Give me thy heart, my son,' thus saith the LordPage Scan
306O take my heart, and whatsoe'er is minePage Scan
307Lord, take my heart just as it isPage Scan
308O Lord in me fulfilPage Scan
309Lord, thou mad'st the universePage Scan
310Grant, most gracious Lamb of GodPage Scan
311Dear Lord, consume, yea, dash to shattersPage Scan
312Searcher of hearts, thou know'st thy lovePage Scan
313O might we all, Lord God our SaviourPage Scan
314Present your bodies to the LordPage Scan
315Jesus, thou art my heart's delightPage Scan
316What peace divine, what perfect happinessPage Scan
317How bright appears the Morning-StarPage Scan
318The unbounded love of my CreatorPage Scan
319Bliss beyond comparePage Scan
320Lord Jesus, my pray'rPage Scan
321'Tis the most blest and needful partPage Scan
322Thy child so minded ever keepPage Scan
323Thou Lamb once slain, Thou Lamb once slainPage Scan
324O let thy countenance, most loving SaviourPage Scan
325Jesus, my Savior, full of gracePage Scan
326O dearest Lord, take thou my heart!Page Scan
327'Tis heav'n on earth by faith to seePage Scan
328O Jesus, everlasting GodPage Scan
329Thou hidden Source of calm reposePage Scan
330O that we could for ever sitPage Scan
331'Tis through the grace thou dost bestowPage Scan
332O what is Christ to me!Page Scan
333Can any contemplationPage Scan
334Be our comfort which ne'er failethPage Scan
335Though we can't see our SaviourPage Scan
336Bethany, O peaceful habitationPage Scan
337When Christ our Saviour lives and dwellethPage Scan
338Jesus, my King, thy kind and gracious sceptrePage Scan
339How great the bliss to be a sheep of JesusPage Scan
340O days of solid happinessPage Scan
341How blest am I, most gracious SaviourPage Scan
342Jesus, thou hast reveal'dPage Scan
343Blest are they, supremely blestPage Scan
344With grateful hearts we all declarePage Scan
345Jesus, whose hands once pierc'd with nailsPage Scan
346O if the Lamb had not been slainPage Scan
347Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound!)Page Scan
348My Saviour left his throne, and camePage Scan
349Dear Lord, when I tracePage Scan
350O how enraptur'd is my heartPage Scan
351O rejoice, Christ's happy sheep!Page Scan
352My All in all, my faithful Friend!Page Scan
353Thanks and praise, thanks and praisePage Scan
354To our Redeemer's glorious namePage Scan
355O Jesus, for Thy matchless lovePage Scan
356Sing with humble hearts your praisesPage Scan
357Redeemed congregationPage Scan
358Angels, principalitiesPage Scan
359What strikes, O wounded Lamb of GodPage Scan
360Behold, my soul, thy SaviourPage Scan
361Lord Jesus, who for mePage Scan
362When I Christ in spirit tracePage Scan
363Thanks to the Man of sorrows bePage Scan
364We sinners void of goodPage Scan
365Thy blood, thy blood the deed hath wroughtPage Scan
366O Lamb once slain, my Lord and God!Page Scan
367O happy hour! by faith I seePage Scan
368Lamb of God belovedPage Scan
369'Tis done, my God hath diedPage Scan
370Full to my viewPage Scan
371Lamb of God,--thy precious bloodPage Scan
372I'm overcome with humble shamePage Scan
373What praise unto the Lomb is due!Page Scan
374Sweet the moments, rich in blessingPage Scan
375How can I view the Lamb once slainPage Scan
376Th' impression of what Christ my FriendPage Scan
377Be thy wounds and crossPage Scan
378Eternity's expansionsPage Scan
379Sing Hallelujah, honour, praisePage Scan
380Thanks be to thee thou Lamb once slain!Page Scan
381Thou Source of love, thou sinners' FriendPage Scan
382Whom, dear Redeemer, dost thou love?Page Scan
383My Saviour, thou thy love to mePage Scan
384Gracious Redeemer, who for usPage Scan
385Christ, my Redeemer, Lord and GodPage Scan
386The Lord my Shepherd is and GuidePage Scan
387Thy thoughts of peace o'er me, my gracious SaviourPage Scan
388None but Christ, my SaviourPage Scan
389One there is above all othersPage Scan
390Jesus, thy love exceeds by farPage Scan
391Jesus, Redeemer of mankindPage Scan
392Come, Holy Ghost, inspire my songPage Scan
393Saviour! through grace divinePage Scan
394Before the Father's awful thronePage Scan
395Thy mercies and thy faithfulnessPage Scan
396O Lord, accept my worthless heartPage Scan
397Thou, O Jesus, thou, O Jesus, art a gracious LordPage Scan
398Lord had I of thy lovePage Scan
399How much we're lov'd by God our SaviourPage Scan
400Thee will I love, my strength and tow'rPage Scan

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