The Christian Lyre

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d401The Lord Jehovah reigns, His throne is built on high
d402The Lord my pasture shall prepare, and feed me with a shepherd's care
d403The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well supplied
d404The Lord our Savior will appear
d405The Lord shall [will] come, the earth shall [will] quake
d406The Lord, the God of glory reigns
d407The midnight cry in mercy sounds
d408The morning flowers display their sweets
d409The night is past and gone
d410The pearl that [the] worldlings covet
d411The people called Christians
d412The pleasures of earth I have seen fade away
d413The righteous Lord supremely great
d414The Savior comes his advent's nigh
d415The Savior, O what endless [boundless] charms
d416The spacious firmament on high
d417The Spirit in our hearts is whispering sinner come
d418The voice of free grace cries escape
d419The work, O Lord, is thine
d420There are angels hovering round
d421There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel's vein [veins]
d422There is a God, all nature speaks
d423There is a happy land, Far, [not] far away
d424There is a land, a better land than this
d425There is an hour of peaceful rest
d426There's a good time coming, it hasteth nigh
d427There's not a bright and beaming smile
d428Thine earthly Sabbath [Sabbaths], Lord we love
d429Thine oath and promise, mighty God
d430This book is all that's left me now
d431Those evening bells, those evening bells
d432Thou boundless source of every good
d433Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb
d434Thou, Lord, reignest in this bosom
d435Thou only Sovereign of my heart
d436Thou Refuge of my [the] weary soul
d437Thou soft [sweet] flowing [gliding] Kedron [Cedron], by thy silver [limpid] stream
d438Though trouble assail us, and dangers affright
d439Through thy protecting care
d440Through tribulation [tribulations] deep
d441Thus far my God hath [has] led me on
d442Thus saith the Lord, the great Commander
d443Thy mercies and thy love
d444Time hastens on, ye longing saints
d445'Tis by the faith of joys to come
d446'Tis midnight, and on Olive's brow
d447'Tis my happiness below
d448'Tis the last call of mercy that lingers for thee
d449To leave my dear friends, and with [from] my neighbors [kindred] to depart
d450To us a Child of hope is born
d451Today if ye [you] will hear his voice
d452Together let us sweetly live
d453Tomorrow, Lord, is thine
d454Tossed upon life's raging billow
d455Triumphant Zion, lift thy head
d456Unvail [Unveil] thy bosom, faithful tomb
d457Wake the song of jubilee
d458Walk in the light, so shalt thou [and you shall] know
d459Watchman, tell us of the night
d460We are going to Mount Zion, to the city of our God
d461We are living, we are dwelling In a grand and awful time
d462We have heard from the [that] bright [and] the [that] better [holy] land
d463We lift our souls to God
d464We shall greet them at home
d465We speak of the realms of the blest
d466Weary pilgrim, why this [the] sadness
d467We'll meet ere long in our happy Eden home
d468We're bound for the land of the pure and the holy
d469We're going home, we've had visions bright
d470We're going to see the bleeding Lamb
d471We're waiting still, dear Lord, for thee
d472What poor despised company
d473What seraph like music falls sweet on my ear
d474What shall I render to my God
d475What sinners value, I resign
d476What sound is this salutes mine [my] ear
d477What various hindrances we meet
d478What vessel are you sailing in
d479When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]
d480When Christ, the Lord, was doomed to die
d481When for [the] eternal [heavenly] world [worlds] I [we] steer
d482When I survey the wondrous cross
d483When marshalled on the nightly [mighty] plain
d484When, my Savior, shall I be
d485When shall the saints forever rest
d486When shall we meet again, Meet ne'er [more] to sever
d487When strangers stand and hear me tell
d488When the last trumpet's awful voice
d489Where shall the man be found
d490While in the world we still [yet] remain
d491While my Redeemer's near
d492While nature was sinking in stillness to rest
d493While thee I [we] seek, protecting power
d494While toiling through earth's howling waste
d495While with ceaseless [careless] course the sun
d496Who, from the shades of gloomy night [gloomy shades of night]
d497Who shall ascend thy heavenly [holy] place
d498Why that look of sadness
d499Why will ye [you] waste on trifling cares
d500With Jesus in our [the] midst

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