A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Social and Private Worship

Editor: West Church (Boston, Mass)
Publisher: John B. Russell (Printer), Boston, Mass., 1823
Denomination: Unitarian churches
Language: English
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CXLIXGreat Ruler of all nature's frame!Page Scan
CLO thou, whose power o'er moving worlds presides!Page Scan
CLISages of ancient letter'd times!Page Scan
CLIIThis is the day the Lord hath madePage Scan
CLIIIWhile shepherds watch'd their flocks by nightPage Scan
CLIVHark! what celestial notesPage Scan
CLVNo war nor battle's sound Page Scan
CLVIO let your mingling voices risePage Scan
CLVII'Shepherds, rejoice' lift up your eyesPage Scan
CLVIIIArise, and hail the happy dayPage Scan
CLIXThou, Lord! by mortal eyes unseenPage Scan
CLXWhat works of wisdom, power, and lovePage Scan
CLXIMy dear Redeemer, and my LordPage Scan
CLXIIBehold! where, in a mortal formPage Scan
CLXIIIBless'd Jesus, how divinely bright!Page Scan
CLXIV'Father divine,' the Saviour criedPage Scan
CLXVSee Israel’s gentle shepherd standPage Scan
CLXVIThis child we dedicate to theePage Scan
CLXVII'Twas on that dark, and doleful nightPage Scan
CLXVIII'Eat, drink, in mem'ry of your friend!'Page Scan
CLXIXThis feast was Jesus' high behestPage Scan
CLXXO here, if ever, God of love!Page Scan
CLXXIYe foll'wers of the Prince of PeacePage Scan
CLXXIIFather! and is thy table spread?Page Scan
CLXXIII'See how he lov'd!' exclaimed the JewsPage Scan
CLXXIVAuthor of life and blissPage Scan
CLXXVThe gracious Saviour bow'd his headPage Scan
CLXXVIYe humble souls! who seek the LordPage Scan
CLXXVII[LXXVII]Angel, roll the rock away!Page Scan
CLXXVIIIChrist, the Lord, is risen todayPage Scan
CLXXIXLift your glad voices in triumph on highPage Scan
CLXXXHosanna! let us join to singPage Scan
CLXXXIOur Lord is risen from the deadPage Scan
CLXXXIIJesus, our triumphant headPage Scan
CLXXXIIIO ye immortal throngPage Scan
CLXXXIVCome, let us join our cheerful songsPage Scan
CLXXXVThanks be to God the LordPage Scan
CLXXXVIJesus shall reign, where'er the sunPage Scan
CLXXXVIIO'er mountain tops, the mount of GodPage Scan
CLXXXVIIIHail to the Lord's anointed!Page Scan
CLXXXIXHear what God, the Lord, hath spokenPage Scan
CXCWhen Israel, of the Lord belov'dPage Scan
CXCIAnd wilt thou, great and glorious God!Page Scan
CXCIIMark the soft-falling snowPage Scan
CXCIIIBehold th' amazing sightPage Scan
CXCIVHark! 'tis our heavenly Leader's voicePage Scan
CXCVWhen power divine, in mortal formPage Scan
CXCVICome, weary souls, with sin distress'dPage Scan
CXCVIIHark, the glad sound! the Saviour comes!Page Scan
CXCVIIICome, said Jesus’ sacred voicePage Scan
CXCIXYe mourning sinners, here disclosePage Scan
CCHow long shall dreams of earthly blissPage Scan
CCIRaise your triumphant songsPage Scan
CCIISoft are the fruitful showers that bringPage Scan
CCIIIFather of mercies! in thy WordPage Scan
CCIVImposture shrinks from lightPage Scan
CCVWhen gloomy thoughts and boding fearsPage Scan
CCVIOur Father! thron'd above the skyPage Scan
CCVIIOur Father, high enthron'd abovePage Scan
CCVIIIGod of mercy! God of love!Page Scan
CCIXThou sacred Power, in heaven abovePage Scan
CCXO thou, whose mercy hearsPage Scan
CCXIGreat Framer of unnumber'd worldsPage Scan
CCXIIWhen Abrah'm full of sacred awePage Scan
CCXIIIWhile sounds of war are heard aroundPage Scan
CCXIVO thou, the wretched's sure retreatPage Scan
CCXVSweet is the friendly voice that speaksPage Scan
CCXVIThe trav'ller lost in nightPage Scan
CCXVIIWhy do we waste on trifling caresPage Scan
CCXVIIIHow happy he is born and taughtPage Scan
CCXIXAwake, our souls! away, our fears!Page Scan
CCXXAwake my soul! stretch every nervePage Scan
CCXXIAwake, my soul! lift up thine eyesPage Scan
CCXXIIThou vain, intruding world, depart!Page Scan
CCXXIIIWhat image does my spirit bear?Page Scan
CCXXIVMy God! permit me not to bePage Scan
CCXXVO shun, in youth the thoughtless throngPage Scan
CCXXVIFar from the world, O Lord! I fleePage Scan
CCXXVIIAnother day of life is gonePage Scan
CCXXVIIIPerpetual Source of light and grace!Page Scan
CCXXIXPraise to thy name, eternal God!Page Scan
CCXXXGreat God! my Father and my FriendPage Scan
CCXXXIFather of light! my footsteps guidePage Scan
CCXXXIIThe Lord our God's a stable towerPage Scan
CCXXXIIIAmidst a world of hopes and fearsPage Scan
CCXXXIVFather of light! conduct my feetPage Scan
CCXXXVSupreme and universal Light!Page Scan
CCXXXVIBeset with snares on every handPage Scan
CCXXXVIIHow many millions draw their breathPage Scan
CCXXXVIIIAs body when the soul has fledPage Scan
CCXXXIXNot he whose baseless hope reliesPage Scan
CCXLWhile some in folly's pleasures rollPage Scan
CCXLIThrice happy men, who born from heavenPage Scan
CCXLIIIn the soft season of thy youthPage Scan
CCXLIIIWas pride, alas! e'er made for man?Page Scan
CCXLIVWherefore should man, frail child of clayPage Scan
CCXLVThou great and sacred Lord of all!Page Scan
CCXLVIHappy the meek, whose gentle breastPage Scan
CCXLVIIIf high or low our station bePage Scan
CCXLVIIIO God, our Father and our kingPage Scan

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