Church Psalmist: or, psalms and hymns, for the public, social and private use of Evangelical Christians. With Supplement. (50th ed.)

Publisher: Presbyterian Publication Committee, Philadelphia, 1843
Denomination: Presbyterian hymnals (general)
Language: English
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P130aFrom deep distress and troubled thoughtsPage Scan
P130bOut of the deeps of long distressPage Scan
P130cFrom lowest depths of woePage Scan
P130dOut of the depths of woePage Scan
P130eQuiet Lord! my froward heartPage Scan
P131aIs there ambition in my heart?Page Scan
P131bLord! for ever at Thy sidePage Scan
P132aWhere shall we go to seek, and findPage Scan
P132bLord! for thy servant David's sakePage Scan
P132cArise, O King of grace! arisePage Scan
P133aLo! what an entertaining sightPage Scan
P133bSpirit of peace, celestial Dove!Page Scan
P133cBlest are the sons of peacePage Scan
P133dHow beautiful the sightPage Scan
P133eHow pleasant 'tis to seePage Scan
P133fBehold! how good and sweetPage Scan
P134aYe who obey th' immortal King!Page Scan
P134bBless ye the Lord with solemn ritePage Scan
P135aPraise ye the Lord,--exalt his namePage Scan
P135bAwake, ye saints! to praise your KingPage Scan
P136aGive to our God immortal praisePage Scan
P136bGive thanks to God, the sovereign LordPage Scan
P136cGive thanks to God most highPage Scan
P136dLet us, with a joyful mindPage Scan
P136eTo our God loud praises givePage Scan
P137aWhen we, our wearied limbs to restPage Scan
P137bO Zion! when I think on theePage Scan
P137cWhere Babylon's broad rivers rollPage Scan
P137dI love thy kingdom, Lord!Page Scan
P137eAlong the banks where Babel's current flowsPage Scan
P138With all my powers of heart and tonguePage Scan
P139aLord! thou hast searched and seen me throughPage Scan
P139bCould I so false, so faithless provePage Scan
P139c'Twas from thy hand, my God! I camePage Scan
P139dHow precious are thy thoughts of peacePage Scan
P139eIn all my vast concerns with theePage Scan
P139fLord! where shall guilty souls retirePage Scan
P139gLord! when I count thy mercies o'erPage Scan
P139hBeyond, beyond that boundless seaPage Scan
P140My God! while impious menPage Scan
P141My God! accept my early vowsPage Scan
P142To God I made my sorrows knownPage Scan
P143aMy righteous Judge! my gracious God!Page Scan
P143bHear me, O Lord! in my distressPage Scan
P144aThe Lord is gracious to forgivePage Scan
P144bForever blessed be the LordPage Scan
P144cLord! what is man--poor feeble manPage Scan
P145aMy God! my King! thy various praisePage Scan
P145bYe sons of men! with joy, recordPage Scan
P145cLong as I live I'll bless thy namePage Scan
P145dSweet is the mem'ry of thy gracePage Scan
P145eLet every tongue thy goodness speakPage Scan
P146aPraise ye the Lord!--my heart shall joinPage Scan
P146bI'll praise my Maker with my breathPage Scan
P147aPraise ye the Lord!--'tis good to raise Page Scan
P147bWith songs and honors, sounding loudPage Scan
P148aLoud hallelujahs to the LordPage Scan
P148bLet every creature joinPage Scan
P148cYe tribes of Adam! joinPage Scan
P148dBegin, my soul! th'exalted layPage Scan
P148ePraise the Lord;--ye heavens! adore him!Page Scan
P148fHeralds of creation! cryPage Scan
P149All ye who love the Lord! rejoicePage Scan
P150aIn God's own house pronounce his praisePage Scan
P150bIn Zion's sacred gatesPage Scan
P150cPraise the Lord--his power confessPage Scan
P150dPraise the Lord who reigns abovePage Scan
P150eHallelujah!--Praise the LordPage Scan
P150fPraise ye Jehovah's namePage Scan
1Father of mercies! in thy wordPage Scan
2'Twas by an order from the LordPage Scan
3Laden with guilt, and full of fearsPage Scan
4Now let my soul, eternal King!Page Scan
5Hail, sacred truth! whose piercing raysPage Scan
6God, in the gospel of his SonPage Scan
7Let everlasting glories crownPage Scan
8This is the word of truth and lovePage Scan
9There is a God!--all nature speaksPage Scan
10Lord! when my raptured thought surveysPage Scan
11The Lord Jehovah reignsPage Scan
12Eternal Wisdom! thee we praisePage Scan
13Great God! how infinite art thou!Page Scan
14Angels! assist to singPage Scan
15Come, O my soul! in sacred laysPage Scan
16Praise to God!-- immortal praisePage Scan
17Almighty Maker, God!Page Scan
18To your Creator, GodPage Scan
19Ye humble souls! approach your GodPage Scan
20The God of nature and of gracePage Scan
21Thy mercy, my God! is the theme of my songPage Scan
22My God, my life, my love!Page Scan
23To thee, my God! my heart shall bringPage Scan
24Dear Father! to thy mercy-seatPage Scan
25Permit me, Lord! to seek thy facePage Scan
26To thee, great Source of light!Page Scan
27My God! the spring of all my joysPage Scan
28My Maker and my King!Page Scan
29Almighty Father, gracious LordPage Scan
30My God! whene'er my longing heartPage Scan
31When all thy mercies, O my God!Page Scan

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