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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
9466"Glory to God!" this advent mornZERAHTextScoreAudio
9467Upon Judea’s midnight plainsMANOAHTextScoreAudio
9468Children, lo, the days are hereSONG OF CHRISTMASTextScoreAudio
9469O Love divine! where’er I amESSENTextScoreAudio
9470Through midnight ages dark and lonePLANOTextScoreAudio
9471From all who dwell in Heav’n aboveMICRONESIATextScoreAudio
9472The song the herald angels sang[The song the herald angels sang]TextScoreAudio
9473Savior, of all, to Thee we bowBAVATextScoreAudio
9474Long has divine compassion stroveBANGORTextScoreAudio
9475While Justice waves her vengeful handLLEFTextScoreAudio
9476Dear refuge of my weary soulST. COLUMBATextScoreAudio
9477When blooming youth is snatched awayEVANTextScoreAudio
9478From Thee, my God, all blessings springABIDING GRACETextScoreAudio
9479Far from these narrow scenes of nightGRÄFENBERGTextScoreAudio
9480Come, weary souls with sin distressedST. JOHN'S HIGHLANDSTextScoreAudio
9481Great God, to Thee my evening songDEUS TUORUM MILITUMTextScoreAudio
9482Alas, what hourly dangers rise!BALLERMATextScoreAudio
9483When I survey life’s varied sceneNAOMITextScoreAudio
9484Awake the trumpet’s lofty soundLOWELLTextScoreAudio
9485Millions within Thy courts have metHURONTextScoreAudio
9486Father! who in the olive shadeHOXTONTextAudio
9487Brightness of the Father’s gloryKELVINTextScoreAudio
9488And is the Gospel peace and love?ST. CRISPINTextScoreAudio
9489With God’s Shekinah glory filledMAITLANDTextScoreAudio
9490While my Redeemer’s nearGORTONTextScoreAudio
9491Blush, atheists, blush, your airy schemesEMMANUELTextScoreAudio
9492Prepare, ye saints, to meet your LordDOWNSTextScoreAudio
9493The time by Heaven foretold is comeST. LUKETextScoreAudio
9494Jesus, delightful name!LAKE ENONTextScoreAudio
9495Long had the nations satADVENTTextScoreAudio
9496Behold how sinners disagreeEMMANUELTextScoreAudio
9497Behold the blind their sight receivePARK STREETTextScoreAudio
9498Behold the glorious dawning brightEMMANUELTextScoreAudio
9499When Sodom’s rich but guilty plainsOLD MARTYRSTextScoreAudio
9500Why are not sinners, Lord, consumedST. MARYTextScoreAudio
9501Great is the Lord, His power is greatALLMÄCHTIGER GOTTTextScoreAudio
9502Great God! Thy vast and deep designsFARNHAMTextScoreAudio
9503Behold the potter and the clayST. CRISPINTextScoreAudio
9504Behold the precious Lamb of God[Behold the precious Lamb of God]TextScoreAudio
9505Behold, He Comes—the Judge appearsCLAUDIUSTextScoreAudio
9506’Tis nature’s voice which reason speaksFAR AND NEARTextScoreAudio
9507Thou art, O God! a Spirit pureDEPAUWTextScoreAudio
9508Some blessèd day, some solemn hourWASILLATextScoreAudio
9509Great Ruler of the eath and skiesMENDONTextScoreAudio
9510Behold the Prince of PeaceALMA MATERTextScoreAudio
9511To praise the ever bounteous LordEVANTextScoreAudio
9512No rod of vengeance Jesus takesEVERSLEYTextScoreAudio
9513When sins and fears prevailing riseABENDSTextScoreAudio
9514How long shall earth’s alluring toysBURLINGTONTextScoreAudio
9515Life is a span, a fleeting hourBEATITUDOTextScoreAudio
9516See, gracious God, before Thy throneBANGORTextScoreAudio
9517Seraphs laud Thee, God the Father,ISCHGLTextScoreAudio
9518Awake, my soul, nor slumbering lieAMESTextScoreAudio
9519Come, Lord, and warm each languid heartCOLCHESTERTextScoreAudio
9520Wait! patiently wait, God never is late[Wait! patiently wait, God never is late]TextScoreAudio
9521Go, worship at Immanuel’s feetTRUROTextScoreAudio
9522Behold the rose of Sharon hereHOLY HILLTextScoreAudio
9523Behold the woman’s promised seed!HURSLEYTextScoreAudio
9524Behold Thy waiting servant, LordRICHMONDTextScoreAudio
9525Behold, the day is comePADDINGTONTextScoreAudio
9526Behold, the joyful day is nighVOM HIMMEL HOCHTextScoreAudio
9527There is a God, all nature speaksMALDENTextScoreAudio
9528Behold, the Lord to Zion ridesALIDATextScoreAudio
9529Behold, the Son of God appearsILLSLEYTextScoreAudio
9530Bells of Christmas ring far and near[Bells of Christmas ring far and near]TextScoreAudio
9531Great God! our voice to Thee we raiseALPHATextScoreAudio
9532My God, Thy boundless love I praiseEL NIÑOTextScoreAudio
9533How sweetly the morn of the Sabbath arosePROGRESSTextScoreAudio
9534Lord, when my raptured thought surveysABERDEENTextScoreAudio
9535Jewel gatherers for a crownTOLEDOTextScoreAudio
9536The night is now far spentDARWALL'S 148THTextScoreAudio
9537Hail, brightest, happiest mornSAMUELTextScoreAudio
9538The long expected hour draws nearMORNATextScoreAudio
9539How vainly strive ungodly foesCRIMEATextScoreAudio
9540When threatening enemies assailCLAUDIUSTextScoreAudio
9541"How long will ye despise My name?"DEUS TUORUM MILITUMTextScoreAudio
9542Is there a world of bitter woeCROWLETextScoreAudio
9543Who can declare the day or hourELIMTextScoreAudio
9544The Lord shall come; at that great dayIRAETextScoreAudio
9545Darkness long hath veiled the nationsBENEDICTIONTextScoreAudio
9546In pity to a dying worldSPIRESTextScoreAudio
9547Lord, when wilt Thou extend Thy swayEVANTextScoreAudio
9548Zion, by her God forsakenZIONTextScoreAudio
9549O how is Zion’s glory gone!BALLERMATextScoreAudio
9550When shall Thy name be knownLAKE ENONTextScoreAudio
9551Savior, let Thy Gospel lightST. BEESTextScoreAudio
9552Our Messiah came for all mankindST. COLUMBATextScoreAudio
9553The Savior comes; O happiest soundST. ANNETextScoreAudio
9554Wide o’er earth’s remotest borderADORATIONTextScoreAudio
9555The moss is green upon the stoneHARBRIDGETextScoreAudio
9556No seas again shall severLINBYTextScoreAudio
9557I love yon pale blue sky; it is the floorELLERSTextScoreAudio
9558The Son of God in mighty lovePADDOCKTextScoreAudio
9559As the world around was sleepingANGEL'S SONGTextScoreAudio
9560Hark! I hear the angels singingANGEL CHOIRTextScoreAudio
9561Children, hail the holy StrangerGREENVILLETextScoreAudio
9562When Mary hugged her newborn sonTALLIS' CANONAudio
9563All of you who walked in darknessMENDELSSOHNAudio
9564O Seed of David, Son of GodST. PETERTextScoreAudio
9565Glad was the message, and joyous the strainNEWKIRKTextScoreAudio

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