Ethic Hymns and Scriptural Lessons for Children

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d101The carnal heart, depraved by sin
d102The child that fears the Lord
d103The Christian graces so command
d104The Christian's life is full of love
d105The church is God's inheritance
d106The contrite, who for mercy ask
d107The death of Christ would make us sad
d108The fool in his heart
d109The foolish man seeks present joys
d110The fowls of the air
d111The heavens declare thy glory, Lord, in every star
d112The judgment day will surely come
d113The law of God is my delight
d114The Lord came flying from above
d115The Lord my Shepherd is
d116The Lord omnipotent, revealed
d117The perfect law of God reveals
d118The prophets and apostles were
d119The Sabbath of the Lord, the Sabbath is our day
d120The wicked shall not with me dwell
d121The wise man thinks of destiny
d122There is a God, all things proclaim
d123There is a happy land, Far, [not] far away
d124Thou great Jehovah, thee we own
d125Thou, my unstable soul
d126Though parents should forsake me, Lord
d127Thy name, O God, thy nature shows
d128'Tis not a thing of small import
d129'Tis not one drop, but plenteous rain
d130To cause me to err, the wicked prepare
d131To check corruption in its course
d132To fall asleep in Jesus
d133To mortify the flesh
d134To swear 'tis neither brave nor wise
d135Vain and false are worldly treasures
d136We come into thy presence, Lord
d137Well beloved, the Lord be with you
d138What shall I render to the Lord
d139What though you be reviled by men
d140When God controls the wrath of man
d141When God the tyrant's power broke
d142When grace renewed my heart
d143When I, convinced he was divine
d144When I, O Lord, thy heavens view
d145When men afflict the poor
d146When rulers pray for grace
d147While in the heat of youthful blood
d148Why do the heathen furious [madly] rage
d149Why should I sad or anxious be
d150With all my sins before my weeping eyes
d151Woe be to the men that curses invoke

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