The Eureka Sacred Carols

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d101The Savior invites you poor wanderer
d102There are mansions for the blest, Where we all in Christ shall rest
d103There is a day that's drawing nigh
d104There is a heavenly way of light
d105There is a home, a blessed home
d106There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reign
d107There is a time, we know not when
d108There is beauty all around when there's love at home
d109There is gladness, there is glory all the time
d110There is rest for the soul in that beautiful land
d111There will be an end of weeping
d112There'll be joy in heaven when we all get home
d113There's a beautiful home far up in the sky
d114There's a beautiful land, 'tis the land of the blest
d115There's a city just over the valley of death
d116There's a day to come in the unseen future
d117There's a land of joy, there's a land of light
d118Those beautiful, beautiful fields of grain
d119Though clouds around me gather
d120Through troubles and trials and ills
d121'Tis a wondrous story
d122To that land where no darkness nor shadows fall
d123To the feet of my Savior, in trembling and fear
d124To the harvest field away we will gladly go today
d125Tramp, tramp, tramp, to battlefields we're going
d126'Twill be glory over yonder when we reach
d127'Twill not be long, O my brother
d128Up in heaven is great rejoicing when a soul has been redeemed
d129We are bound for the glory land on high
d130We are soldiers of the Lord, And our banners we've un
d131We dedicate this parting hour
d132We'll all gather home by the river
d133We're a Christian army in a land of song
d134We're a happy band and we're marching on
d135We're marching on to the river of death
d136What hosannas will be sung
d137What's this that rises in my soul [in my soul is rising]
d138When I reach my home if a crown I'll wear
d139When love is in my heart the task
d140When my earthly life is ended
d141When the great day of all days comes to one and to all And the King of all kings shall appear
d142When the Savior shall call me from labor to rest
d143When the ship has anchored yonder
d144When the soul lives in the beauty
d145With the gospel standard waving in the golden light Proudly we are marching to the city of the King

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