Echoes of Heaven

Publisher: National Music Publishers, Ft. Worth, Tex., 1937
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d1An erring mortal once was I
d2As I go onward with the Lord divine
d3As you go through life, mid the care and strife
d4By the world's deceitfulness, and sin
d5Christ the [our] Lord is [has] risen today, [Alleluia] [Sons of men]
d6Come, come, come, come friends, friends, friends
d7Come, rejoicing in the love of Christ
d8Days may seem long, life have no song
d9Drifting in the current of life's stream
d10Fade, fade, each [all] earthly joy
d11Father, in the morning Unto Thee I [I'll] pray
d12Find the need of those about you
d13Find the need of those about you
d14Friends, we now offer a tribute of song
d15From heaven there blossomed on earth one day
d16God is our refuge, God is our strength
d17Great Redeemer, we adore thee
d18Happy indeed I am, praising the precious Lamb
d19Happy road that leads to heaven's home
d20Here the way leads through sorrow
d21His praise I sing with gladness
d22Holy Spirit, have thine own way
d23I am going to a better country
d24I am in the King's highway
d25I found Jesus at Mount Calvary
d26I have a great Redeemer, sent down from heaven
d27I have a home that's bright and fair
d28I have heard of a land on the far away strand
d29I walked life's way with easy tread
d30I was sinking down in sin's shifting sand
d31If we would live for Jesus
d32If you wish to be triumphant
d33I'm a weary, way worn pilgrim, traveling
d34I'm nearing the end of life's journey
d35In a city, somewhere, is a light that gleams
d36In God's country up in heaven
d37In that city eternal, far beyond the starry sky
d38In thy presence, Lord, I kneel
d39I've secured my reservation
d40Jesus is my sunshine all along the way
d41Let me go home in the morning
d42Let's sing again, and not be cross or blue
d43Lord, thou hast saved this soul of mine
d44Love is the key to heaven's door
d45My hands a helpful work shall do
d46My heart and my hand I would give thee
d47O how I love Jesus he's precious to me
d48O how often I think of the loved ones gone
d49O I long for that glad morning
d50Often we gather here to sing the praise
d51Onward with the King of glory
d52Open the gate, the heavenly gate
d53Shelter me, O Lord, make me pure and whole
d54Since I've known he died all my sins to hide
d55Since my sins are washed away
d56Sing a happy song each day down life's rough
d57Sometimes the path may rugged be
d58The beauty of each fragrant flower
d59The depth of love the Father has
d60The great Physician now is near
d61The last day's sun of life is sinking
d62The time has come when we singers must part
d63There are days that we all have forgotten
d64There's a great choir gathering up in heaven
d65There's an old home, by the side of the lane
d66Though my path sometimes is drear on the pilgrim
d67Though shadows sweep over the pathway
d68Though we here but dimly see
d69Time is filled with swift transition
d70To Jesus I am clinging, and of his grace
d71To Jesus, the Savior, all honor be
d72Waiting the summons that shall call me
d73Wake, my soul, and praise the Lord
d74We are daily pressing on
d75What a friend we have in Jesus, Mother used to sing
d76When I am walking shadowed pathways
d77When I think of that city that John saw descending
d78When I was lost the Lord saved me
d79When skies are dreary all the day
d80When the great judgment morning shall dawn
d81When the Savior comes from heaven
d82When the shadows fall like a gloomy wall and the
d83When the time shall come for us to go
d84When the trump of God shall sound and the dead
d85When they ring the golden bells
d86When troubles come and sorrows deep o'er-take you
d87When we shall cross o'er the river some morning
d88Whether cares of life oppress or joys abound
d89While traveling through these lowlands
d90Why did the Father in heaven
d91Why go I thirsty
d92Wonderful story, Jesus from glory came in sorrow
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