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Editor: J. R. Baxter
Publisher: Stamps Baxter Music and Printing Co., Dallas, Tex., 1955
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d1A city divine, foursquare we are
d2A newspaper reporter writes the news each day
d3All those who walk by faith are called
d4Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved
d5Are you weary, heavy laden
d6As I journey through this vale of sorrow
d7As I travel on toward the setting sun
d8Beyond the sky land, O blissful morning
d9Bowing low at thy feet
d10Dear Father, how we thank thee
d11Dearest brother, thou hast left us
d12Dreamin' in the glimmerin'
d13Dreaming, dreaming silently
d14Each day I live I'll trust
d15Each day my heart is filled with praise
d16Eternal is thy church, O Lord
d17Glory to God, I'm happy today
d18God has given so much in the gift
d19God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, Sacrificed him on the tree
d20Great is the Lord, Jehovah
d21Hallelujah, hallelujah, I'm so glad
d22Have you got religion, Holy Ghost
d23He knows the bitter, weary way
d24Here I have to live
d25Here I stand beside death's chilly waters
d26I am glad that Jesus came
d27I am glad to tell love's story
d28I am going to a city where the streets with gold
d29I am in the service of my precious
d30I am moving toward that city over
d31I am moving up the glory road
d32I am trusting Jesus while here below
d33I have a home in the glory land
d34I have that love down in my
d35I have the beautuiful sunlight coming
d36I have the love of Jesus down in
d37I know I'm just a pilgrim here
d38I know my Lord is safely leading me
d39I know that God made the mountains
d40I know the truth it is food for the soul
d41I no longer roam in darkness
d42I promised the Lord when he saved my soul
d43I saw my Lord in the garden
d44I truned from darkness
d45I want to talk with Jesus
d46I was kneeling one day asking God
d47I was wandering far from Jesus
d48If this be the last song we'll sing
d49If you are living in sin
d50If you are unhappy
d51If you have drifted far from Jesus
d52I'll be happy when I reach my home
d53I'll tell of the Savior, I'll tell of His favor
d54I'm dreaming now of my sweet home
d55I'm just a stranger here seeking
d56I'm looking over Jordan's swollen stream
d57I'm on a journey to the home
d58I'm on my way up yonder, where skies are always bright
d59I'm telling the world of free salvation
d60In a land of fadeless beauty
d61In the Bible we're told of the beautiful mansions
d62In the blessed Rock of ages
d63In this dreary world of tribulation
d64It was a mother's child, of tender years
d65I've a lovely mansion waiting
d66I've been a long time on the highway
d67I've been numbered with God's children
d68Jesus is a Friend to me
d69Jesus knows the road from earth to glory
d70Keep my heart pure, O God
d71Let us make his glad promise
d72Let us sing the wondrous story of the Father's love
d73Living below in this old sinful world
d74Lord, have thy way with me
d75March along, press on, Christian
d76My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty
d77My God is love, it never fails
d78My soul has a song and I'm singing
d79No longer I travel a darkening road
d80O blessed thought sweet rest will come
d81O there is joy in going on
d82O what a meeting up in glory
d83Often here when I grow weary
d84Old Peter once denied the Savior
d85On Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eye
d86On life's ocean wide, restless tide
d87Once I was lost in sin, was unprepared to die
d88Once in sin I had wandered
d89Once my life was lost in sin
d90One day my soul was saved from the fall
d91Out beyond the shores of time
d92Peace on earth, good will to men
d93Praise to Jesus Christ the Son
d94Ring, O ring the bells
d95Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee
d96Rock of ages, I am clinging
d97Search me, O God [Lord], and know my heart today
d98Sin to Eden came, covered man
d99Since I'm a twice born soul
d100Singing and praising Jesus

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