The Gospel in Song, combining Sing the Gospel, Echoes of Eden, and Other Selected Songs and Solos

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1Wake the song of jubileePage Scan
2Beautiful Zion, built abovePage Scan
3Around the throne of God in heav'nPage Scan
4O'er the hills the sun is settingPage Scan
5Jesus is pleading with my poor soulPage Scan
6Sinful, weary, heavy ladenPage Scan
7There is a habitationPage Scan
8Hark! the voice of Jesus callingPage Scan
9The children's Sabbath comes againPage Scan
10We are marching homeward to that landPage Scan
11Dear Lord, to Thee I comePage Scan
12Gathering homeward from every landPage Scan
13I was once far away from the SaviorPage Scan
14Oh, have you not heard of that wonderful lovePage Scan
15There is a fountain filled with blood, filled with blood, filled with bloodPage Scan
16In a world so full of weepingPage Scan
17Go and gather, go and gather Page Scan
18Open the door for the childrenPage Scan
19Jesus loves me, and I know I love HimPage Scan
20There's much we can do if we work with a willPage Scan
21In a little while the night of sinPage Scan
22Say, is your lamp burning, my brother?Page Scan
23In the land of strangers Whither thou art gonePage Scan
24If you find yourself insultedPage Scan
25"I love you, mother," said little JohnPage Scan
26When I tune my harp in gloryPage Scan
27Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingPage Scan
28"I am the Light," says JesusPage Scan
29Jesus' blood alone here frees usPage Scan
30I have dream'd sweet dreams of a better homePage Scan
31Hear you not the voice of JesusPage Scan
32Oh, joyful is the tribute we would bringPage Scan
33When, as of old, in her sadnessPage Scan
34We know there's a bright and a glorious homePage Scan
35Jesus, I my cross have takenPage Scan
36Never mind your earthly sorrowsPage Scan
37They say there's a land o'er the oceanPage Scan
38Is my name on the page of the Lamb's book of lifePage Scan
39I'll sing of that stream, of that beautiful streamPage Scan
40There's a stranger at the doorPage Scan
41I am waiting for the morningPage Scan
42There's a wonderful fountain of cleansingPage Scan
43List, the Spirit calls to theePage Scan
44My robes were once all stain'd with sinPage Scan
45"Whosoever believeth," Precious words I hear him sayPage Scan
46We speak of the realms of the blestPage Scan
47Would you know why I love Jesus?Page Scan
48God, th'all-wise, beholding sinnersPage Scan
49God's Almighty arms are round mePage Scan
50My soul doth magnify the LordPage Scan
51When the harvest is past and the summer is gonePage Scan
52There comes a time, a happy timePage Scan
53There is a country pure and brightPage Scan
54Does life seem sad and gloomy now?Page Scan
55Poor sinner, where art thou today?Page Scan
56While Jesus whispers to youPage Scan
57Do you know the wondrous story?Page Scan
58I'm washed in the blood, in the blood of the LambPage Scan
59When with clouds the sky is fillingPage Scan
60In the morning fresh and fairPage Scan
61My heav'nly home is bright and fairPage Scan
62Whoever receiveth the Crucified OnePage Scan
63Draw near, O Christ, to mePage Scan
64Stay, weary child, thy Saviour callsPage Scan
65I have drank of the water of lifePage Scan
66I know I love thee better, LordPage Scan
67I am just now persuadedPage Scan
68My Father is rich in houses and landsPage Scan
69When I think of Jesus' lovePage Scan
70Will you meet me in the morningPage Scan
71Yield so meekly to thy LordPage Scan
72Gently, like the summer rainPage Scan
73While upon the earthly journeyPage Scan
74Will you not come to him for life?Page Scan
75Oh, fear not the waters, tho' darkly they rollPage Scan
76We'll soon be at home from our pilgrim wayPage Scan
77You ask me, brethren, how I know that Jesus is divinePage Scan
78Sinner, press your way to JesusPage Scan
79We are waiting by the riverPage Scan
80The Master hath need of the reapers!Page Scan
81We're a faithful pilgrim bandPage Scan
82There are mansions of love Page Scan
83Take your sins to JesusPage Scan
84There is music over yonderPage Scan
85Is thy brother sad and weary?Page Scan
86O brother, you are helpless!Page Scan
87Though trials oft beset mePage Scan
88I want to be like JesusPage Scan
89Over the river, the river of timePage Scan
90Jesus, lover of my soulPage Scan
91Return, O wand'rer, to thy homePage Scan
92Throw the door wide open!Page Scan
93Would you have a Saviour near?Page Scan
94Resist not the Spirit, But yield to him nowPage Scan
95Our Father in heaven We fervently prayPage Scan
96There's a land of wondrous beauty far awayPage Scan
97Oh, sing me a song of the better landPage Scan
98I yield to thee, my FatherPage Scan
99From mountain top and dewy valePage Scan
100O city of beauty, I long to beholdPage Scan

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