Harmonia Americana: containing a concise introduction to the grounds of music; with a variety of airs, suitable fore divine worship and the use of musical societies; consisting of three and four parts

Editor: Samuel Holyoke, A. B.
Publisher: Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews (printers), Boston, 1791
Language: English
Notes: Numbers refer to the page number the hymn starts on. When more than one hymn is on a page, letters are added to the numbers.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
17Sing to the Lord Jehovah's namePORTLANDTextScorePage ScanAudio
18In celebrating love divinePOMFRETTextScorePage ScanAudio
19aAll glory to thy wond'rous nameBRUNSWICKTextScorePage ScanAudio
19bHave mercy, Lord on meMILBURYTextScorePage ScanAudio
20Ye that obey th' immortal kingAUSTRIATextScorePage ScanAudio
21Eternal Spirit, we confessBRENTTextScorePage ScanAudio
22Almighty God, to thee be endless honours doneWESTFORDTextScorePage ScanAudio
23These glorious minds, how bright they shineINDOSTANTextScorePage ScanAudio
24Array'd in beauteous greenCOMPTONTextScorePage ScanAudio
25Eternal pow'r, whose high abodeORLEANSTextScorePage ScanAudio
26The God of mercy be ador'dNORFOLKTextScorePage ScanAudio
27Hail! everlasting springMILLINGTONTextScorePage ScanAudio
28Indulgent God, with pitying eyesSTURBRIDGETextScorePage ScanAudio
29My tho'ts serment these lower skiesRINGETextScorePage ScanAudio
30God's temple crowns the holy mountARNDELLTextScorePage ScanAudio
31I'll praise my maker with my breathOHIOTextScorePage ScanAudio
32Salvation Lord is thineSALISBURYTextScorePage ScanAudio
33aThou wilt reveal the paths of lifeHINSDALETextScorePage ScanAudio
33bJesus shall reign wher'er the sunELSTOWTextScorePage ScanAudio
34Farewell, farewell, a sad, a long farewellFUNERAL DIRGETextScorePage ScanAudio
36All ye bright armies of the skiesARNHEIMTextScorePage ScanAudio
37No songs of triumph now be sungLAINDONTextScorePage ScanAudio
38And let this feeble body failANDOVERTextScorePage ScanAudio
39aLord, hear the voice of my complaintWENHAMTextScorePage ScanAudio
39bAwake, my soul, to sound his praiseBURLINGTONTextScorePage ScanAudio
40aGod is a king of pow'r unknownCARDIGANTextScorePage ScanAudio
40bYe humble souls rejoiceHARTLANDTextScorePage ScanAudio
41Ye heav'ns with sounds of triumph ringEDINBURGHTextScorePage ScanAudio
42Ye subjects of the Lord, proclaimHELMSTONTextPage Scan
43The scatter'd clouds are fled at lastBRANDONTextPage Scan
46Alas! the brittle clayEPHESUSTextPage Scan
47My Saviour, I am thineRESIGNATIONTextPage Scan
48O how distressing was the sceneVIENNATextPage Scan
49Grace! 'tis a sweet, a charming themeULSTERTextPage Scan
50Hear, what the voice from heav'n declaresCONSOLATION (A Funeral Air)TextPage Scan
51Now with the morn, my soul ariseMORNINGTONTextPage Scan
52Glory to God, the Father's nameFERNAYTextPage Scan
53All glorious God, what hymns of praiseTUNISTextPage Scan
56So fly our months and yearsTHE CLOSE OF THE YEARTextPage Scan
57Come, let us anewMEXICOTextPage Scan
62Too mean this little globe for meEDENVALETextPage Scan
63Jesus the Lord forever reignsSWEDENTextPage Scan
64Hard heart of mine!SUNBURYTextPage Scan
65Erect your heads, eternal gatesMARIETTATextPage Scan
68Vile wretch I am!OXFORDTextPage Scan
69Angels, roll the rock awayCHAMPLAINTextPage Scan
73Sing the triumphs of your conq'ring headVICTORSTextPage Scan
75O for a shout of sacred joySTOWTextPage Scan
76Great God, who form'd for social joysWINCHENDONTextPage Scan
77aGive thanks to God on highMONTFORTTextPage Scan
77bO God of mercy hear my callELDENTextPage Scan
78aThy wonted goodness, Lord, repeatNORHAMTextPage Scan
78bWhen shall the sov'reign graceEASTONTextPage Scan
79Behold the friend of sinners diesWESTERNTextPage Scan
80aStoop down, my thot's that use to riseHAGUETextPage Scan
80bPraise ye the Lord, our God to praiseWELLFLEETTextPage Scan
81And why will God neglect my call?BIRMINGHAMTextPage Scan
82Ye saints and servants of the LordGERMANYTextPage Scan
83aTurn, turn, unhappy souls, returnCYRENETextPage Scan
83bMy Saviour and my kingSYRIATextPage Scan
84Sing to the great Jehovah's praiseFAYETTEVILLETextPage Scan
85aAll hail! happy day, when enroll'd in our clayNATIVITYTextPage Scan
85bLoud to the prince of heav'nULMTextPage Scan
86Shout all ye armies of the skyASHDALETextPage Scan
87Joy to the world, the Lord is comeWARSAWTextPage Scan
88Thou sacred one, Almighty ThreeCHELSEATextPage Scan
89aTen thousand praises to thy nameEDGEWARETextPage Scan
89bSing to the Lord, who loud proclaimsNORTHINGTONTextPage Scan
90Awake my soul, with pleasure singOSTENDTextPage Scan
91To praise the bleeding lambBALTIMORETextPage Scan
96Now can my soul in God rejoiceSOMERSETTextPage Scan
97Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Sion[Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Sion]TextPage Scan
102aNow unto the King eternalDOXOLOGYTextPage Scan
102bCome, let us join our cheerful songsDUNKIRKTextPage Scan
107This is the day when Christ aroseBOXFORDTextPage Scan
108He comes, the royal conq'ror comesLEOMINSTERTextPage Scan
109Th' Almighty spake, and Gabriel spedCHRISTMASTextPage Scan
111Adieu to earth with all your joyYARMOUTHTextPage Scan
112Comfort ye, Comfort ye my people, saith your God[Comfort ye, Comfort ye my people]TextPage Scan
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