Hymns of the Church, Ancient and Modern: for the use of all who love to sing the praises of God in Christ, in the family, the school, or the church; with a discourse on music as a divine ordinance...

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297Child of sin and sorrowPage Scan
298Souls of men, why will ye scatterPage Scan
299Come, sinner, to the Gospel feastPage Scan
300Around Bethesda's healing wavePage Scan
301Health of the weak, to make them strong!Page Scan
302That warning voice, O sinner hear!Page Scan
303In streets and openings of the gatesPage Scan
304Ho! ye that thirst, approach the springPage Scan
305Ungrateful sinner! whence this scornPage Scan
306There's a wideness in God's mercyPage Scan
307There is plentiful redemptionPage Scan
308How lost was my conditionPage Scan
309Now I have found a friendPage Scan
310Trustingly, trustingly, Jesus to theePage Scan
311Think well how Jesus trusts himselfPage Scan
312I saw the cross of JesusPage Scan
313Oh peace of God, sweet peace of GodPage Scan
314O faith! thou workest miraclesPage Scan
315My Saviour, Jesus! dearest Lord!Page Scan
316This did not once so trouble mePage Scan
317I fear thee, O thou living God!Page Scan
318How strong the thought of God attractsPage Scan
319The thought of God, above, belowPage Scan
320In pulses deep of three-fold lovePage Scan
321Let heaven arise, let earth appearPage Scan
322There's not a tint that paints the rosePage Scan
323God is love; his mercy brightensPage Scan
324Lord, thy glory fills the heavenPage Scan
325How high thou art! Our songs can ownPage Scan
326Oh God! thy power is wonderfulPage Scan
327Amidst the mighty, where he isPage Scan
328Father! thy power is mercifulPage Scan
329I worship thee, sweet Will of God!Page Scan
330I wish to have no wishes leftPage Scan
331Ah! God is other than we thinkPage Scan
332Calm, on the listening ear of nightPage Scan
333Listen to the gospel, tellingPage Scan
334A pilgrim thro' this lonely worldPage Scan
335Oh, my dear Saviour, when thy caresPage Scan
336Jesus wept! those tears are overPage Scan
337Our Lord is risen from the deadPage Scan
338Burst, ye emerald gates, and bringPage Scan
339Sound, sound the truth abroad!Page Scan
340Fling out the banner! let it floatPage Scan
341Jesus is God! oh, could I nowPage Scan
342Thou God, whose thoughts are brightest lightPage Scan
343Let us awake our joysPage Scan
344A trusting heart, a yearning eyePage Scan
345How shalt thou bear the cross that nowPage Scan
346Ye humble souls, that seek the LordPage Scan
347Thou art my hiding place, O LordPage Scan
348With tearful eyes I look aroundPage Scan
349While others crowd the house of mirthPage Scan
350Oh how kindly hast thou led mePage Scan
351Though faint, yet pursuing, we go on our wayPage Scan
352Angels, where'er we go, attendPage Scan
353As flows the rapid riverPage Scan
354Harp, awake! tell out the storyPage Scan
355Tell me not, in mournful numbersPage Scan
356O Lord! I live always in painPage Scan
357Years fly, O Lord! and every yearPage Scan
358To fear is harder than to weepPage Scan
359Granted is the Saviour's prayerPage Scan
360Come to the house of prayerPage Scan
361Ah, dearest Lord! I can not prayPage Scan
362Here cares and angry passions ceasePage Scan
363Far from the world, O Lord, I fleePage Scan
364Behold the throne of grace!Page Scan
365Come, let us to the Lord, our GodPage Scan
366Attend and mark the solemn fastPage Scan
367They talked of Jesus, as they wentPage Scan
368Abide with me! Fast falls the eventidePage Scan
369O thou from whom all goodness flowsPage Scan
370Now that the sun is beaming brightPage Scan
371Shine on our souls, eternal GodPage Scan
372Gracious Jesus, Lord most dearPage Scan
373The bird let loose in eastern skiesPage Scan
374Day by day the manna fellPage Scan
375Dear is the hallowed morn to mePage Scan
376Lo! it dawns the Sabbath morningPage Scan
377This is the day the first ripe sheafPage Scan
378For the mercies of the dayPage Scan
379Sing to the Lord, our mightPage Scan
380Planted in Christ, the living vinePage Scan
381Oh, sweetest, dearest tie! that bindsPage Scan
382How hard it seems to work for GodPage Scan
383Onward, Christian, tho' the regionPage Scan
384Cheek grow pale, but heart be vigorousPage Scan
385O where are the kings and empires nowPage Scan
386The perfect world, by Adam trodPage Scan
387Faith, Hope, and Charity, these threePage Scan
388Though perfect eloquence adornedPage Scan
389He that goeth forth with weepingPage Scan
390Oh be not faithless! with the mornPage Scan
391O what stupendous mercy shinesPage Scan
392Hark how Christ's sweet and tender carePage Scan
393Teach me, my God and KingPage Scan
394Speak gently--it is better farPage Scan
395Yes, they have caught the way of GodPage Scan
396Scorn not the slightest word or deedPage Scan

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