Hymns for Children, Selected and Altered

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101With grateful joy will we recordPage Scan
102Be it my only wisdom herePage Scan
103Lord of universal naturePage Scan
104Again time's never tiring handPage Scan
105To Thee, Almighty God and KingPage Scan
106There is an eye that all surveysPage Scan
107The infant deems some pleasure liesPage Scan
108Go, mark the tear in pity's eyePage Scan
109Yon glorious clouds that curtain roundPage Scan
110Teach me, O Lord, while here belowPage Scan
111Almighty God, most gracious powerPage Scan
112Beyond, beyond the boundless seaPage Scan
113On the waves there is a formPage Scan
114When on the fragrant sandal treePage Scan
115O when the hours of life are pastPage Scan
116The rose, the sweetly blooming rosePage Scan
117Through each perplexing path of lifePage Scan
118Our youthful joys fly like a summer's galePage Scan
119Our life advances to its closePage Scan
120Why should a weak and vain desirePage Scan
121When a few years, or days perhapsPage Scan
122Thought of wonder, O how mightyPage Scan
123Think, O my soul, how much dependsPage Scan
124To God, while flowers bloom on the bankPage Scan
125My God, by thy protecting powerPage Scan
126O Father, though some anxious fearPage Scan
127Father, whate'er of earthly blissPage Scan
128Our youthful years fleet quick awayPage Scan
129Lead us, Heavenly Father, lead usPage Scan
130God!--what a great and awful word!Page Scan
131Here our brief and transient daysPage Scan
132Poor insect! what a little dayPage Scan
133What is our life? ah! but a shining vapourPage Scan
134God is here!--how sweet the sound!Page Scan
135Prosperity! thy cloudless hoursPage Scan
136Since soul decays not, freed from earthPage Scan
137Weep not for me because I must diePage Scan
138Sweet is the scene where virtue diesPage Scan
139When gay in life, ere joys departPage Scan
140Nature owns thee for her GodPage Scan
141Father, I pray thee, may my heartPage Scan
142O thou, to whom in ancient timePage Scan
143O! to be pure as morning lightPage Scan
144I love to rove amidst the starry heightPage Scan
145I praised the earth in beauty seenPage Scan
146aThe shades of night were scarcely fledPage Scan
146bGo, sip the rose's fragrant dewPage Scan
146cShall the poor worm that shocks thy sightPage Scan
147Sweet violet, thou that dwellest alonePage Scan
148O, come and learn this kind commandPage Scan
149This is the sum of every partPage Scan
150O God! thy goodness fills all spacePage Scan
151Who gave the sun his noon-day light?Page Scan
152The hour of my departure's comePage Scan
153May our first dawn of reason risePage Scan
154The morning flowers display their sweetsPage Scan
155Let guilty souls impressed with fearPage Scan
156I'll bless Jehovah's glorious namePage Scan
157Go, like your blessed Saviour, feed the poorPage Scan
158Our Father, yield an evening blessingPage Scan
159Safely through another weekPage Scan
160Glory be to God on highPage Scan
161How good and pleasant is the sightPage Scan
162Thou didst make the darksome nightPage Scan
163When musing, I behold on highPage Scan
164Come, said Jesus’ sacred voicePage Scan
165O! whence is the freshness that gives the flowerPage Scan
166Lord, while on earth we here remainPage Scan
167Night has dropped her dusky veilPage Scan
168There is a time when moments flowPage Scan
169How manifold thy works, O LordPage Scan
170Seconds make minutes, minutes form the hoursPage Scan
171Thy glory, Lord, the heavens declarePage Scan
172O my soul, with all thy powersPage Scan
173If solid happiness we prizePage Scan
174My God! all nature owns thy swayPage Scan
175In every scene thy hands have drestPage Scan
176My soul, adore the Lord of might!Page Scan
177Types of eternal rest--fair buds of blissPage Scan
178Array'd in clouds of golden lightPage Scan
179There is a God, all nature speaksPage Scan
180Dear is the hallowed morn to me Page Scan
181Leaves have their time to fallPage Scan
182Yes,--all we know must diePage Scan
183See the fair summer now is past!Page Scan
184How sweetly flowed the gospel's soundPage Scan
185Ere yet the clouds have past awayPage Scan
186Suns and planets--every orbPage Scan

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