Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark

Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark


Published by
The Committee on Publication
of the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Des Moines, Ia.

Copyright 1945
The Danish Ev. Luth. Church In America

Printed in Lutheran Publishing House
Blair, Nebr.

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#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Christmas with gladness soundsText
2With gladness we hail the blessed dayText
3The gloomy night to morning yieldsText
4O Lord, my heart is turningText
5Lord Jesus Christ, My Savior blestText
14The sun arises nowText
15Vanish now all sinful dreamingText
16Softly now the day is endingText
21Vain world, fare thee well!Text
22Ever trouble walks beside meText
25The day of Pentecost draws nighText
26Like the golden sun ascendingText
27Whoso believes and is baptizedText
28Lord Jesus Christ receive me nowText
29O dearest Lord, receive from meText
30Over Kedron Jesus passesText
31What vessel is that passingText
32The power of sin no longerText
33Print Thine image pure and holyText
38This blessed Christmastide we willText
39My heart remains in wonderText
42Now found is the fairest of rosesText
43Here come Thy little ones, O LordText
44Thee will I love, my strength, my Treasure, My heart in theeText
45The narrow way is wide enough to heavenText
46Christians, who with sorrowText
47Arise, all things that God hath madeText
48Jesus, name of wondrous graceText
49O Thou blest Immanuel!Text
56The faith that Christ embracesText
59Stand fast, my soul, stand fastText
61I walk in danger everywhereText
62O Holy Ghost, my spiritText
63Behold the mighty, whiterobed bandText
65Splendid are the heavens highText
68Be welcome again, God's angels brightText
72Jesus, the name without compareText
73A babe is born in BethlehemText
74Blessed were the eyes that trulyText
75Hail Thee, Savior and Atoner!Text
77Lift up thy head, O Christendom!Text
78Holy Spirit, come with lightText
79The sun now shines in all its splendorText
80Holy Ghost, our IntercederText
82Founded our Lord has upon earth a realm of the SpiritText
83Most wonderful of all things isText
84Built on a rock the church of GodText
86God's word is our great heritageText
87O let Thy spirit with us tarryText
88Savior, whither should we goText
89Come, Zion, and sing to the Father aboveText
90Fair beyond tellingText
91Suffer and languishText
92With her cruse of alabasterText
93Hast to the plow thou put thy handText
94God's little child, what troubles you!Text
95Love, the fount of light from heavenText
96Peace to soothe our bitter woesText
97The peace of God protects our heartsText
100Like dew upon the meadowText
103Hallowed Church Bell, not for wordly centersText
104Undismayed by any fortuneText
105Day is breaking, night is endedText
106Dost thou know the living fountainText
107Deep and preciousText
108As wide as the skies is Thy mercy, O GodText
109The sun is rising in the eastText
111Fair is creationText
112Love from God our LordText
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