Hymns and Hymn Tunes in the English Metrical Psalters

Editor: Edna Parks
Publisher: Coleman Ross, New York, 1966
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d701This day thy flesh, O Christ, did bleed
d702This day we sing
d703This empty world has now too long
d704This homely bush doth to mine eyes expose
d705This is the gift, thy gift, O Lord
d706This is the month, and this the happy morn
d707This morning brings to mind, O God
d708This promise is to sinners made
d709Those, O, thrice holy three in one
d710Thou dost from every season, Lord
d711Thou God, for ever blest
d712Thou, God, that rulest and reignst in light
d713Thou gracious hearer of requests
d714Thou great God, now and ever blessed
d715Thou hast made me, and shall thy work decay
d716Thou Lord, who raised'st heaven and earth
d717Thou righteous hearer of requests
d718Thou spreadest a weekly table, Lord
d719Thou that hast given so much to me
d720Thou the dear sinners friend, to thee
d721Though I am fallen from my God
d722Though in my limbs I crippled am
d723Though knowledge must be got with pain
d724Though princes courts defamed are
d725Though thousands here, ten thousands there
d726Though, we have got an evil name
d727Thy blessing, Lord, doth multiply
d728Thy gifts and graces manifold
d729Thy gifts most Holy Spirit, be
d730Thy Savior pressed to death, there ran
d731'Tis true indeed, that for a while
d732To bid each other now adieu
d733To blaze the rising of this glorious sun
d734To God I'd seek in each distress
d735To God, with heart and cheerful voice
d736To grace [O Lord] a marriage feast
d737To praise, O God, and honor thee
d738To praise redeeming love
d739To rip up God's great counsels who shall strive
d740To that sweet Lamb, which did sustain
d741To thee, the saints that in thee trust
d742To those that in folly
d743To thy apostles thou hast taught
d744To us our God commends his love
d745To yield us profit with delights
d746To you, dear Father, my complaaints I'll bring
d747Today the Lord of hosts invites
d748Triumphant conqueror of death and hell
d749True God, true life, from, by, in whom all things
d750Tune now yourselves, my heart strings high
d751Tune we our heart strings high
d752Turn in, my Lord, turn in to me
d753Turn not away the sunshine of thy face
d754Turn, O my soul, from Moses turn
d755Unfertile intricate and strange
d756Unfold thy face unmask the ray
d757Unhappy soul that thou shouldst force
d758Unless O Lord thy grace thy lend
d759Unto my spirit lend an angel's wing
d760Unworthy, though, O Lord, we are
d761Wake all my hopes, lift up your eyes
d762Wake my soul, rise from this bed
d763Wake, O my soul, awake, and raise
d764We do acknowledge thee, O Lord
d765We love Thee, Lord, we praise thy name
d766We praise O God! we honor thee
d767We, whom affairs employed keep
d768Welcome sweet and sacred cheer
d769We'll praise our risen Lord
d770What a celestial virtue's chastity
d771What a gracious God have we
d772What hellish doubt! what cursed fear
d773What helps it those
d774What helps it to kill me each day
d775What I possess, or what I crave
d776What is there Lord
d777What is there, Lord, what is in me
d778What shall we do to thee, O God
d779What spring and summer did produce
d780What stories of their cruelty
d781What wondrous things do we behold
d782What words what voices can bring
d783What words, what voices can we bring
d784Whatever equity commands
d785Whatever others do intend to do
d786Whatever story of their cruelty
d787What's this morn bright eye to me
d788Whatsoe'er my motives were
d789When Achan for his lawless prize
d790When Adam was deceived
d791When blessed Marie wiped her Savior's feet
d792When Christ from death, to life did rise
d793When Christ our Lord incarnate was
d794When Christ unto Jerusalem
d795When from mortality and things below
d796When from your dying breath I hear from you
d797When God at first made man
d798When God the first foundations laid
d799When hearty thanks we render not
d800When I begin sadly to think upon

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