The Church Hymnal: revised and enlarged in accordance with the action of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord 1892. (Ed. B)

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
513bO where shall rest be foundMORAVIAPage Scan
514We come in the might of the Lord of lightWE MARCH TO VICTORYPage Scan
515aBrightly gleams our bannerVEXILLUMPage Scan
515bBrightly gleams our bannerGAISBERGPage Scan
515cBrightly gleams our bannerBRIGHTLY GLEAMSScorePage ScanAudio
516aOnward, Christian soldiersST. GERTRUDEPage Scan
516bOnward, Christian soldiersONWARDPage Scan
516cOnward, Christian soldiersCHRISTIAN SOLDIERSPage Scan
517aSing, ye faithful, sing with gladnessELLERTONPage Scan
517bSing, ye faithful, sing with gladnessHATFIELDPage Scan
518aAt the Name of Jesus BAVARIAPage Scan
518bAt the Name of Jesus EVELYNPage Scan
519aSaviour, blessed SaviourEDINAPage Scan
519bSaviour, blessed SaviourDAVIDPage Scan
519cSaviour, blessed SaviourNORFOLK PARKPage Scan
520aRejoice, ye pure in heartMARIONPage Scan
520bRejoice, ye pure in heartKING EDWARDPage Scan
521aThro' the night of doubt and sorrowLUX EOIPage Scan
521bThro' the night of doubt and sorrowHARVARD HYMNPage Scan
521cThro' the night of doubt and sorrowST. ASAPHPage Scan
522aOn our way rejoicing, As we homeward moveHERMASPage Scan
522bOn our way rejoicing, As we homeward moveVALOURPage Scan
523aForward! be our watch wordST. BONIFACEPage Scan
523bForward! be our watch wordST. BOTOLPHPage Scan
523cForward! be our watch wordWARFAREPage Scan
523dForward! be our watch wordWATCHWORDPage Scan
524Holy Spirit, heavenly DoveLITANY NO. 1Page Scan
525Jesu, with Thy church abideLITANY NO. 2Page Scan
526Jesu, from Thy throne on highLITANY NO. 3Page Scan
527Lord of mercy and of mightLITANY NO. 4Page Scan
528God the Father, God the SonLITANY NO. 5Page Scan
529aFather, hear thy children's callLITANY NO. 6Page Scan
529bFather, hear thy children's callLITANY NO. 7Page Scan
529cBy the gracious saving callLITANY NO. 6Page Scan
529dBy the gracious saving callLITANY NO. 8Page Scan
529eTeach us what Thy love has borneLITANY NO. 8Page Scan
529fTeach us what Thy love has borneLITANY NO. 7Page Scan
530Father, forgive them; for thy know not want they doLITANY NO. 10Page Scan
531aJesus, King of GloryAMBLESIDEPage Scan
531bJesus, King of GloryST. ALBANPage Scan
532aWith gladsome hearts we comeROCKLANDSPage Scan
532bWith gladsome hearts we comeTHE CHILDREN'S KINGPage Scan
533Come, praise your Lord and SaviorELLACOMBEPage Scan
534aJesus, tender shepherd, hear usST. SYLVESTERPage Scan
534bJesus, tender shepherd, hear usBROCKLESBURYPage Scan
535aNow the day is overMERRIALPage Scan
535bNow the day is overANGELUSPage Scan
536We come, Lord, to Thy feetGILDASPage Scan
537Glory to the blessed Jesus!BERNARDPage Scan
538aAll my heart this night rejoicesMANGERPage Scan
538bAll my heart this night rejoicesALL THIS NIGHTPage Scan
538cAll my heart this night rejoicesBONNPage Scan
539Joy fills our inmost hearts today!GAUDETEPage Scan
540Once in royal David's city IRBYPage Scan
541aNow a new year opensNORTH COATESPage Scan
541bNow a new year opensNEW YEARPage Scan
542Saw you never, in the twilight THE WISE MENPage Scan
543Lamb of God, for sinners slainMAITLANDPage Scan
544There is a green hill far awayHORSLEYPage Scan
545aGolden harps are soundingDEVAPage Scan
545bGolden harps are soundingST. THERESAPage Scan
546Great Creator, Lord of allSAN REMOPage Scan
547Glory to the Father giveNUREMBERGPage Scan
548God Almighty, in Thy templePARRYPage Scan
549King of glory! Savior dear!POSENPage Scan
550Jesus, high in gloryENONPage Scan
551God of mercy, throned on highELEANORPage Scan
552aLoving Shepherd of Thy sheepBUCKLANDPage Scan
552bLoving Shepherd of Thy sheepFERRIERPage Scan
553aThere's a Friend for little childrenEDENGROVEPage Scan
553bThere's a Friend for little childrenEVANGELPage Scan
554aCome Christian children, come and raiseSOHOPage Scan
554bCome Christian children, come and raiseMOUNT CALVARYPage Scan
555Gracious Saviour, gentle shepherdREQUIEMPage Scan
556Heavenly Father, send Thy blessingST. BALDREDPage Scan
557When in the Lord Jehovah's NameHOSANNAPage Scan
558When, his salvation bringingJOSEPHPage Scan
559aHosanna! Raise the pealing hymnLAUDPage Scan
559bHosanna! Raise the pealing hymnDINARDPage Scan
560Hosanna we sing, like the children dearHOSANNA WE SINGPage Scan
561When Jesus left His Father's throneST. URSULAPage Scan
562I think when I read that sweet story of oldSALAMISPage Scan
563Savior! teach me, day by dayPERCIVALSPage Scan
564Dear Jesus ever at my sideFERNSHAWPage Scan
565By cool Siloam's shady rillSILOAMPage Scan
566Lamb of God, I look to TheeGLEBE FIELDPage Scan
567aJesus, meek and gentleGENTLE SAVIOURPage Scan
567bJesus, meek and gentleGENTLE JESUSPage Scan
568Hushed was the evening hymnSAMUELPage Scan
569aFair waved the golden cornGOLDEN CORNPage Scan
569bFair waved the golden cornWARDLAWPage Scan
570Above the clear blue skyCHILDREN'S VOICESPage Scan
571Great Shepherd of the sheepPASTORALPage Scan
572Lord, thy children guide and keepHOLY JESUSPage Scan
573Savior, like a shepherd lead usJESU, BONE PASTORPage Scan
574aGrant us, O our heav'nly FatherOXFORDPage Scan
574bGrant us, O our heav'nly FatherSLINGSBYPage Scan
575aO Lord, the Holy InnocentsALSTONEPage Scan
575bO Lord, the Holy InnocentsCRUX CRUDELISPage Scan
576aJesus, gentlest SaviourENONPage Scan

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